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Hello, I’m Danielle Andresen, a Scorpio rising sun sign and Leo moon. From an astrological perspective this makes me very driven and determined. This also aligns well with my Enneagram number which is number 3 – The Achiever. I truly desire achievement and being successful, even if that consists of making my to-do list on sticky notes and tossing them once the task is complete. I found my love for astrology many moons ago. It started with a good horoscope, and now I don’t go far without my birth chart handy for a quick reference. I simply find our planets, the universe, and astrology fascinating!

Danielle Andresen
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Danielle by Day

When the sun shines, I work for Troy School District as an English Language Development Specialist. Teaching English is a career path that stemmed from my love for diversity. Detroit is rich in culture and I value having opportunities to learn from different cultures within these communities. I have had the honor to learn from friends of the Detroit Budhist community who have openly welcomed my family to participate in local Dharma classes.  This experience has taught my family so much about the Chinese and Indian cultures within our Buddhist community. It has also opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and understanding the world around me.   

My love for diversity relates well to my passion for traveling. I have spent many summers traveling abroad as a Lead Ambassador for an organization called People to People. As a Lead Ambassador, I took students from Oakland County and together we traveled overseas. Some of the places we’ve traveled to were Australia, France, Amsterdam, and England. I’ve also hosted students from around the world at Harvard and Stanford University. These unique cultural experiences have shaped who I am today and I continue to grow as I learn more about the world around me. 

Summer Life

As an educator, I spend my summers completely letting go of structure and tap into my creative energies. I find gardening very relaxing and it allows me to slow down and relax.   For years I have been involved with our local community garden in Rochester where our family has had a vegetable garden. Gardening has become very educational for our family and continues to encourage healthy eating habits. This past summer I started moon gardening where I sowed seeds during a new moon. Sowing seeds on a new moon signifies the start of something new.

Along with vegetables, I take pride in my flower gardens. Flowers make everything pretty and bring me pure joy! My favorite flowers are dahlias. Their perfection stops me in my tracks and they are so stunning! 


When it comes to my creative side, I enjoy expressing myself through writing. I find it therapeutic as it brings out my creative energy. I started a blog called Suburbia Mom back in 2013 as a way to tap into writing. This eventually led me to become a contributor for Detroit Mom back in 2015. Writing and meeting new women gave me so much inspiration. It was an authentic way to connect with other mothers and share a piece of me through writing.  

Eventually the universe took me on a different path as I decided to take a pause from Detroit Mom as a contributor to focus on our growing family and my career. Meanwhile, I continued to be inspired by the authenticity and mission of Detroit Mom. Thankfully, my stars were aligned, and I am thrilled to return to Detroit Mom as a contributor. It’s so refreshing to return and connect with this beautiful community of women.  

Treasure Hunting

When my mind needs rest from the fast-paced world we live in, I find peace in searching for treasures. These treasures include anything from seeking words in a word search to browsing antique shops to look for vintage furniture and old wooden rolling pins.

I always know where all the good resale shops are within our area. I get that huge rush of excitement when I score a “good find”! My biggest-kept secret is to search resale shops while on vacation. I promise you will find the most unique souvenirs. 

When visiting the Gulf of Mexico, shelling brings my mind so much rest. I plan my shelling around the tides and I have an impressive shell collection which includes finding the rarest shell in Florida… a Junonia! This must be the water sign in me!


I’m married to an Aries sun sign and Scorpio moon whom never fails to impress me with his out-of-the-box thinking. Together, we have a business called DiffuserDoc. Running a business with your spouse takes marriage to a whole different level. This way of life deserves a story of its own.  

We were married on Mackinac Island at The Somewhere in Time Gazebo and visit as a family every summer on our anniversary. This is a special tradition our family has created.

Together we are blessed to have two beautiful children ages six and eight. Family is everything to me and I am thankful to have these spirits in my life. 

Writing for Detroit Mom

I am always up for a cup of coffee and an inspirational chat. I look forward to connecting and being involved with Detroit Mom. As I unfold my creativity through writing, I hope to share a piece of me with you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I love connecting with my community.


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