Frugal Fridays :: Clean that Scummy Shower & Tub!

Hello again from Brandi and my Frugal Friday wins, ideas, hacks and {fails}.

Today is a huge win!! Living in a condo with the hubster & my 2 littles sharing one tub can lead to some scary scum and grime. We have a shower stall in kids bathroom & standard tub shower combo in our bathroom with that “wonderful” textured “nonslip” floor (yeah right).  And it’s a nightmare to clean, total pain in the back & arm.

So after searching high and low and trying many methods, a combo of a few different methods have finally {Cut the Crud} with minimal scrubbing and elbow grease! Yes I will admit I did a happy dance and squealed with joy! And yes my family thought I had finally {Lost It}!

Any way on with the goodness!

Many recipes and online tutorials use a mixture of good old blue Dawn and white vinegar of some form.  I found for me mixing {Warmed} white vinegar with my favorite blue Dawn cuts the crud with no muss or fuss!

Half Dawn and Half vinegar…That’s it!!

I have pictures… but you have to promise not to judge! I’m sooo beyond embarrassed how filthy our shower and tub were! Yes I said {Were}!

Magic Scum Remover for Shower and Tub Frugal Friday

Most people I found used a spray bottle and just shook it up really well, but I poured it on the sides and rubbed/spread it around the tub and {Walked Away}!

Yes put down the scrubby and walk away! Take time to relax, read a book, drink some tea, or do what I did and finish dinner, eat with the family, clean up dinner, get kids ready for bed… yeah I kind of forgot about it and left it over night!! Whoops!

Woke up to a blue(ish) shower and tub the next morning grabbed my scrubby some hot water and went to town, well kind of. The results were, well embarrassing!!

Take a look for yourself!

 Shower Pic 4

shower pic 2

shower pic 3

shower pic 1


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