Frugal Fridays :: The Many Ways to Save with Mason Jars

Seems everywhere you look lately mason jars are being used and not just in their intended purpose.  Now some may say I have a {SLIGHT} Mason jar problem… okay maybe I do… Ok ok, Hello my name is Brandi and I am a Mason jar addict. I use them for EVERYTHING! Drinking glasses, storage, décor, organization, party favors/decorations, and yes even for their intended purpose canning!

I love masons and masons love me! They make me happy, the colors {from true vintage blue to the new vintage blues and greens} the shapes and sizes! They remind me of my childhood trips to the south visiting family. Sunday afternoons after church sipping cold lemonade from mason jars, sitting on Great Aunt Barbs back porch snapping beans & shucking corn for supper. Running thru the sprinklers or swimming, waiting on Great Uncle Bud to come back with his catch of the day. Memories of a slower, simpler, sweeter time.

So why am I going on about mason jars on a frugal Friday post? Because so many people want to join the {Mason jar movement} but think they have to or could only buy them at grocery/big box stores for retail prices.

Let me be clear that is the furthest from the truth!! Not only have I found a million ways to use them I have found almost as many ways to acquire them for cheap or free!

Frugal friday mason jars tips to save money

Inventory and decide what you need ::

First and foremost you need an idea of what size you want or need and what you want to do with them. For example I want to make a soap dispenser for my kitchen. So I’m not going to use the short squatty pint size, you’ll want to use a taller and maybe antique one {if you trust your wet hands ;)}.

For other projects a newer possibly stronger may be a better choice. For instance the jars we use in the kitchen at home {storing leftovers, spices, salad, and drinking glasses} I use new(er) mason jars or ones I know where they have been!

On that note, getting used mason jars they should be handled with care, thoroughly inspected and washed with {my solution to everything} scalding hot water & Dawn dish soap.

Simple ideas of where and how to gather ::

I have been lucky on my mason jar missions! I have found hundreds for free on Craigs List and Freecycle {and these are the ones I handle with care and scrub incessantly with hot water and dawn}. Garage sales are also in the handle with care category. I have also learned with these free jars a lot of them may not be “actual” mason jars and may be recycled jars. These are great for many things and unless you are super or OCD {like someone, ahem, who must have all jars be MASON jars}, and can be used for most projects interchangeably.

Crafty advice :: 

Another time non-mason jars are nice is some of those adorable Pinterest projects that require a smooth surface. This is where some creative mojo can be used! If you are like me and LOVE that mason shape most craft and some big box stores have started selling “crafting” mason jars. This is where watching the sales and using coupons will truly benefit you. In all my searches I have only found these sold individually and tend to be pricey. So watch your local craft stores and learn to shop the sales and stack coupons when allowed. I have learned that some {Hobby Lobby} sales rotate on a bi/tri weekly sale rotation…watch the fliers and stock up when 50-60% off! Also try to use competitor coupons when you can! I forget this one and have a great cashier who reminds me 😉

All you need to do is ask :: 

My last suggestion is kinda silly and to some common sense… Ask around! You’d be surprised what you can get for free just by asking. I helped with a birthday party and put it out there I was looking for mason jars of all sizes and they came to me! I even had a friend call me to tell me to bring a big box she found hundreds of mason jars at the curb on a dirt road! I grabbed the kids and flew there, all sizes just sitting there for the taking! They needed a bath…bad! But that’s where my scalding water and dawn come in and not use them for food purposes unless I super clean them 😉 I’ve also been texted to run to an estate or garage sale a time or two for uber cheap jars even antique ones! Word of mouth still rules!!


Hope this inspires you to go hunt some jars, get your craft on and save you some $$! If I have missed any ingenious ways to acquire jars or save on them let me {us} know! I love new fun ideas and feedback! Toodles til next Frugal Friday!!


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