Homemade Mother’s Day Gift Idea: DIY Reverse Canvas

What is a reverse canvas? How can you make one? Maybe you’re crafty, or maybe you’re definitely not a Pinterest mom. But, you’re stuck at home, Mother’s Day is coming, and suddenly you’re in charge of the highly coveted homemade Mother’s Day kid art project for Grammy, that would have otherwise been handled at school. I get it, and I’m here for you.

The reverse canvas process exposes the wood frame behind the canvas, rather than letting the canvas wrap around it. This project will cost you no sanity, very little money, and will give you bragging rights galore for Mother’s Days to come. I’m bored at home and want to show you this little deco-crafting secret I’ve been keeping for myself: the rustic and most beloved reverse canvas.

Supplies Needed to Make Your Reverse Canvas:

  • 1 stretched canvas (can be found at most Dollar Tree locations)
  • Your choice of paint or stain
  • Staples or tacks
  • X-acto/craft knife
  • Your choice of media for your design: paint/markers/iron-on/other

Estimated Cost: About $2 and some spare time.

Reverse Canvas Directions:

  1. Remove Canvas
    Use an X-acto knife or razor to travel along the back of the canvas surrounding the staples. You will be left with a wooden frame and a blank piece of canvas.
  2. Pull Staples and Sand
    Use pliers to remove unnecessary staples. Feel free to sand it down once or twice if you’re going for a more polished look.
  3. Paint or Stain Wood
    Get out the paint or the stain. Go for a rustic look by staining the wood a color of your choice. Or, let the kids go wild with rainbows of paint.
  4. Create the Canvas
    While the paint or stain dries, create your canvas. You can do a number of things ranging from Mod-Podge, iron-on and heat transfer vinyl, acrylic or watercolor painting, markers, or give it the works. The magic that happens here is totally up to you!
  5. Stretch & Staple
    When you’re done creating your design and the wooden frame is dry, center your design. Stretch the canvas and staple it to the back of the wooden frame. Trim the excess canvas away from the staples. If you don’t have a staple gun, hot glue or thumb tacks work too!
  6. Finish it up!
    Provide a way to proudly display your reverse canvas by hot gluing twine on the back or adding mounting hardware. Or, pick up an easel while you’re at the Dollar Tree. Make sure you and the kids sign and date the back of your reverse canvas, too!

We are confident you can pull this one off with ease! Not only will this reverse canvas make a touching gift for mom, the memories creating it will be cherished forever. Happy Mother’s Day!

What homemade crafts are you putting together for mom this year?


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