I’m Not a Crunchy Mom…..And We Are Just Fine!

We don’t eat organic food.  We use bug spray with DEET. My kids sleep in their own beds and I don’t babywear. I believe in Western medicine, time-outs, and most things in moderation.

I’m not anti-natural parenting if that is even a thing. I just don’t believe it makes a better or worse mom.  Sure, if you want to feed your family organic food, go for it! If you choose to wear your baby everywhere and anywhere, I think you should too! But please don’t scoff at me when I am pushing my stroller at Target (not Whole Foods) while picking up the family size package of Kraft Mac & Cheese.  

I am not trying to be snarky at all. But I feel judged. And trust me, I have proudly formula fed two babies. So, yes, I know what it feels like to be judged. I know that when you do these things, you honestly believe that it is the best thing for your family. And I think that is a good thing. We are all doing what we think is best, right? But what I cannot stand is all of the Facebook posts publicizing articles about how bad it is that I have made a choice to use a certain product because I believe through advice from my doctor or other trusted professional that it is the best choice for my family. 

Not a crunchy mom
Babywearing! Been there, done that!

You might even be surprised to know that I am an avid practitioner of yoga.  For several years now I down dog a couple of times a week. Most people associate yoga with being ‘crunchy’, but to me it is an excellent workout that really does center me and give me some clarity on my thoughts.  It has become a moment where I can just be. No one judges me or cares if I’m crunchy or not.  We all work hard and enjoy the passion we see in each others practices. 

Like I said, all things in moderation. I do enjoy a diet coke and occasional package of Sour Patch Kids. I also realize there is a benefit of making homemade cookies where I know all of the ingredients in the cookies opposed to a package from the vending machine where I cannot pronounce 80% of the ingredients (but still, NO JUDGMENT if YOU love them)!  

This is NOT organic. But still so good!

I do understand that there are so many more chemicals and other supposedly toxic things in our world than there were when I was growing up. But, I don’t necessarily believe that ALL of them are horrible. It’s okay, I can hear you gasping as you read this. I get it. That sounds crazy. Bear with me, I have a point. I DO believe that the organic/health/natural food industry is just that: an industry. While I believe they often have great intentions to better your lives and health I also believe it is a for profit industry. Just like the junk food industry and the bug spray industry and the car seat industry. They are ALL trying to make a lot of money. And they do! Because of us moms who are doing the best we can with the best information we can seek out. So, I will take any and all information I can with a grain of salt.

So, mamas, I get it, there so many choices to make! We are all just doing the best we can and the best I can do does not include babywearing or amber teething necklaces. I am more of a fan of sit and stand strollers and Motrin. The point is, you be you and I will be me. I bet if we open our minds and hearts we can all learn a little from each other.

Me and my happy family. Doing the best we can.


  1. I am a Christian and belong to a church with a lot of crunchy moms. One time at a play date I hosted one of the moms scoffed at me for giving my son cows milk. I asked whats wrong with cows milk and a couple of them laughed and started talking rudely about it. I am so sick of feeling so judged by these kinds of moms. I get that you’ll want the best for your families but that’s doesn’t mean you have to tear down my choices for my kids. If you want to feed your kids organic I don’t judge you. Don’t judge me for stopping at McDonald’s on grocery day at 1o’clock when it’s too late to go home and make lunch. Being a mom is so hectic, sometimes I need a drink or 2 to get me through dinner. That doesn’t make me a bad person and it especially doesn’t make me a bad mom, it makes me a better mom. I’m less stressed and I’m a whole heck a lot less angry. I want to go to a different church because I’m so sick of all the judgment. Crunchy moms, we don’t judge you. For the love of God please stop judging us!


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