Introducing Alicia Nedry…a Warren Mom


Hi! I’m Alicia Nedry. I’m a happily-married, full-time working mom of two! I am beyond thrilled to be a new contributor for Detroit Mom. Writing about my own motherhood experiences has been a dream of mine since becoming a mom in 2015.

About Me

I grew up in Highland and attended Central Michigan University (Fire Up Chips!). I met and fell in love with my husband, Scott, while at school. We both worked at a Mexican restaurant, La Senorita’s, where we met many, many friends and had a million great memories. After college we moved to Denver, CO where we got our first furry child, Charlie. We loved Colorado but missed our family and friends, so we moved back a year later to Utica. We have since bought a house but are hoping to sell it and move to the Farmington Hills area within the next year.

My Career

With a degree in Dietetics and a minor in Nutrition, I started out working as a supervisor and then a manager of the Food and Nutrition Department in hospitals. Managing these departments opened a door to manage the restaurant, Starbucks, deli and frozen yogurt departments at Macy’s, which resulted in two promotions. This seemed like a great career path; however, once I had a child, the nights and weekends thing wasn’t working for my family. In 2016, I took a huge leap and changed to a desk job at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. I now work for the Quality Department at Advantasure as an Expert Analyst. I love my job, the friends I’ve made, and the true sense of accomplishment I get from working outside the home.


My husband and I married in 2013, and nine months later, I was pregnant with our first child. Sienna was born in 2015 and was the LIGHT OF OUR LIFE for four wonderful years. I struggled with a difficult pregnancy, difficult birth, work-life balance, postpartum anxiety, and depression, yet a few years later, I really wanted another baby. My husband and I decided to have one more and our little Lincoln was born early this year. People say all the time how your heart just expands to love more than one child. I was very skeptical and concerned about finding room in my heart for another baby since I loved my first so incredibly much. But everyone was right. My heart and love just GREW, and Lincoln is my little man and I cannot imagine our family without him.

Things Around Detroit We Love

A few of our favorite things around the metro Detroit area include the Detroit Zoo, of course. We’ve gotten a family pass every year since having our daughter. We spend full days at the zoo or just a quick walk around and picnic on a nice day. We also love the splash pad and indoor pool at the Warren Community Center. The Water Fountains at the Warren City Square is also a great free spot to cool down. Now that my daughter is older, we just started going on carnival rides. So now our new favorite thing is going to the the carnivals that pop up all around town. Other favorites include Under the Sea Playground, Jungle Java, Nature’s Playhouse, and The Rainforest Café.  

I’m so incredibly excited and thankful to be a part of this amazing mom group and blog!


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