Alicia Nedry

Alicia is a full time working mom of two. She has a 4.5 year old daughter, Sienna and an 8 month old son, Lincoln. Alicia is an expert analyst where she executes initiatives for health care companies. Alicia enjoys spending time with her kids and husband, camping with her parents, drinking coffee, sitting in her backyard grilling with her family, Summer Shandy, working out (well, once she gets back on the horse after having a baby) and SHOPPING!

How to Best Support a New Parent

Being a new parent is hard. We all know it's hard. But to support a new parent, and to show them compassion and understanding, can be a challenge. To say, "I'm here for you"...

Journal Options for a Beautifully (and Therapeutically) Organized Life

I journal, but not like your childhood "Dear Diary" journal. I don’t pour my heart out about my deepest secrets or my newest celebrity crush. It's not a recap of my entire day or...

Six Mom Essentials to Appear Put-Together

I'm a mess. I don't have it together...but sometimes, I like to appear put-together, at least a little bit. Going to the grocery store or dropping my kids off at daycare, I'm a mess:...

It Will Get Better, I Promise

In the beginning, it's hard. I mean heart-wrenching, questioning if you can even do this, lay on the kitchen floor crying hard. You will wonder what the heck you are doing. You don't know...

My Postpartum Depression Journey

Did you know one in seven women get postpartum depression (PPD) after having a baby? Think about all the women you know and love. Think about all the happiness they expected to feel when...

How Being a Working Mom Makes Me a Better Mom

Being a working mom is hard. It makes the time away from your kids hard and yet sometimes it's much needed. Being away from my kiddos makes me sad and brings tears to my...

Introducing Alicia Nedry…a Warren Mom

Hi! I’m Alicia Nedry. I’m a happily-married, full-time working mom of two! I am beyond thrilled to be a new contributor for Detroit Mom. Writing about my own motherhood experiences has been a dream...