Introducing Evol, a Shelby Twp Mom


~Down With Detroit~

After growing up in the small water surrounded town of Algonac I have landed in Shelby Twp where we love the growing area with all it has to offer and the quick drive to the northern suburbs with its a vast array of orchards, farms, and vineyards.

My family and I truly enjoy exploring the bounty of goodness in Detroit and the metro area. Often you can find us at a sporting event (Tigers and Lions oh my!), checking out one of the latest trendy restaurants, ice skating at Campus Martius, picking up a new piece at Pewabic Pottery, taking in some theatre, or discovering new things at the many museums and exhibits.  We live in a unique melting pot and love to fully embrace the ethnic and cultural diversity of our city and state!

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AAOM Team 2017
Tigers April 22
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~Family Life~

Pat and I have been together since 2005 a few months after we met while working as chefs for the same company on the Ovation yacht. In 2010, Pat and I were married in a beautiful wedding at Meadowbrook Hall + Gardens where he is currently the Executive Chef. After settling down in married life we knew we wanted to start a family fairly soon but never dreamed it would be so complicated.

I was quickly diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Endometriosis which made conceiving incredibly difficult.  It was through our infertility process that I first discovered blogging and truly understood that I could use my pain to bring me down or use it to help others.  Becoming an advocate in the infertility world was truly life changing.

Pat and I were blessed to finally conceive twins with the help of IVF in June of 2012. My pregnancy was not easy, starting with a hospitalization due to ovarian hyperstimulation from fertility drugs.  I was on and off bed rest for various reasons until I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks. Thankfully we held our nuggets in there until December 28 when they were born at 31 weeks. Patrick Cooper and Michael Preston spent five weeks in the NICU and have proved time and again to be fighters. Michael had a PDA that never closed and ended up needing two heart surgeries before six months leaving him with a permanent heart valve complication.  

At 18 months we knew something wasn’t quite right with Patrick so after many evaluations and therapists discovered he has Sensory Processing Disorder and is on the Autistic Spectrum. Because of this and my niece who is also Autistic we are very active with the Autism Alliance of Michigan. (You’ll find us every year at the Detroit Zoo for the Annual Autism Hero’s Walk!)


~All About Me~

I have always been a working mother and have spent the last five years as the Food & Nutrition Director for Novi Community School District and Chartwells K12 where I live my passion of feeding children and instilling nutritional knowledge in them and their families. In Novi I am also a founding committee member for Feed the Need Novi which provides meals and enrichment to children in the summer months when they are unable to receive those benefits at school.

Following my love of writing, inspiring, and helping others I manage my own blog, Multi-Passion Mama ( I love social media and the impact what we put out in the world can make on others.

At the end of the day I also love reading, gardening, all things clean living, cooking, barre + dance class, Disney, Christmas, and history.  

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram! @evolgazzarato




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