Lessons Learned From Mother’s Day

It seems like every year that Mother’s Day rolls around, I fall into the same typical patterns of celebration. From forgetting to give back to myself, to getting caught up in the retail rush. I’ve always taken a mundane approach to the tradition. But this year, I refined my outlook on the holiday for deeper meaning and appreciation.

Not only did I treat myself to a special Mother’s Day photo shoot, which taught me a valuable lesson on self-love, but I also gifted more mindfully and reflected on the bittersweet aspects of the occasion.

Mother's Day

Here are my key takeaways from Mother’s Day 2023:

Self-Love is Vital

It can be easy for busy mothers to overlook their own well-being amid the demands of raising children and family responsibilities. Whether it’s carving out personal time or being kind to yourself, it is so important to look inward and embrace the concept of self-love. And even when you may not look and feel your best, know that you are beautiful inside and out and worth celebrating 365 days a year.

Gift-Giving From the Heart

While big-ticket gifts are nice and shiny–and welcomed by many moms–it’s always a good idea to look beyond materialism and embrace sentimental gift-giving. Thoughtful gestures, such as handwritten letters, homemade crafts, or shared experiences, can hold far greater value than expensive items.

Keeping Memories Alive

Mother’s Day can be a somber holiday for those who have lost a mother, grandmother, or mother figure. It is imperative to honor and remember them on this special day. Take time to reflect on cherished memories and share stories of their life and legacy to find solace. Create rituals or traditions that hold special meaning for you, such as lighting a candle, visiting their resting place, or making their favorite food. These activities can provide a sense of connection that can help provide comfort and healing.

As I reflect on the holiday, I am filled with gratitude for the valuable lessons learned this year. My hope is to keep discovering deeper meaning of this celebration in the years ahead.

May every Mother’s Day serve as a reminder to savor motherhood and cherish precious moments with the ones that matter most.

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