Mama, You ARE Amazing!


I have to confess, I was the Mama watching and I was impressed at how much you rock at being a mother! It was one of those early morning runs to Target before our little ones needed lunch or a nap. The store was flooded with moms and kids. I was traveling light since I only had my tiny one with me and she was fast asleep as I pushed my cart slowly through the store. Normally I would’ve had my two year old with me  and my Target experience would be a little more chaotic.  I would not have noticed you just like you may not have noticed me.

My first Mama sighting made me chuckle because she was juggling three kiddos like a boss. Two were riding in the double cart while she pushed the youngest in a stroller. Yes, that’s right. This mom was maneuvering two sets of wheels throughout Target!

Mama you are amazing and have some serious cart handling skills!


Next I came across a mom picking out books with her daughter. Just the two of them deciding on the next read. It was cute to see her share the love for books.

Mama you are amazing!

Now,  I have only been in the store for a few minutes and I have already had two Mama sightings. As I walked down the main isle a very pregnant mother noticed me babywearing my five week old daughter and pointed this out to her son who will soon be a big brother.  It wasn’t long ago that I was preparing my son for the soon arrival of his baby sister.  

What a smart thing to do Mama, you are one amazing mother.

As I strolled up and down the toy isle looking for the perfect birthday present for my son, I loved how strategically you made your way around the toy section.

Smart move Mama, you are amazing!

It wasn’t long before my little one was waking up and wanted to nurse.  I needed to make my way to the checkout.  Yes, that was my baby crying in line.  We all know that newborn cry.  It’s piercing to the ears.  I tried to keep calm and carry on.  I smiled at strangers as they looked over at us and I made sure I had my card ready for checkout.  In my head I was thinking about my next move which would be to dart for the car for a nursing session.  

It was while nursing my daughter in my car that I was truly in “awe” at how amazing you Mamas are!  A few cars down I noticed a mother changing her child in her front seat.  Way to get things done Mama!  While looking in my rear view mirror a Mama was loading her children into the car.  While buckling one into the car seat I noticed her other child had stood up in the shopping cart which looked scary. But no need to worry, this Mama had eyes in the back of her head.  She quickly turned around and grabbed her child and put her in the car.  

Whew now that is one amazing Mama!

After my nursing session I needed to strap my daughter into her car seat.  As I was doing this, I had my last Mama encounter.  I heard the child  before the cart went by.  Her son was upset about something but this Mom handled the situation like a natural as they headed for the store.  That amazing Mom knew her son would pull it together as soon as they entered the store.  

Way to stay calm Mama and carry on with confidence!

TargetPostMamaYou are Amazing

As I headed home I left Target feeling proud to be part of this community of mothers raising children.  No it’s not easy, and sometimes we have to nurse in our cars, change diapers on our front seats, or keep a calm while our children cry, but hey that’s what makes us so amazing.  We do what we need to do for our children.

 We are simply amazing!




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