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9 Month Bump :: Kimberly Uy

The 9 Month Bump encourages you to “Rock Your Bump, Without Breaking Your Bank!”  The store features “gently stretched” maternity clothing, pregnancy/nursing accessories, Bella B skincare products and unique new baby gifts that are locally hand-crafted.

I’m so excited to introduce you to Kimberly Uy, founder of the 9 Month Bump.  Shop owner, and a momma to three adorable children {a 7YO, 4YO and newborn!}.  Her dream was “born” on October 1st, 2013 when her shop, the 9 Month Bump opened.  Kim is a “downriver” native who currently resides there with her family, and graduated with honors from the University of Michigan with a professional background in real estate, sales and marketing.  When her professional career came to an unexpected end, she found herself thinking about opening that store that she had been dreaming about.  

Kimberly, like many of us, LOVED being pregnant.  She envisioned opening a store with a wide selection of affordable (and fun) maternity items that also celebrated and catered to this special time in a woman’s life.  While Kim loved being pregnant, she was often disappointed with the high expense and lack of selection in maternity clothes that were locally available.  I can bet that many of us can relate to this!  Maintaining multiple wardrobes in a 9 month span can easily break the bank.  I had that professional career during pregnancy and as soon as I walked in the door, work clothes came off and comfy yoga pants went on.  Hence, the  reason for multiple wardrobes. What about the second pregnancy?! Unfortunately I found myself going through pregnancy stages during different seasons than my first! Summer + winter, fall + spring, what does that mean?! Even MORE maternity clothes, more shopping!

Luckily today, a local momma-to-be can find Kimberly’s maternity consignment shop in Trenton.  Where she offers an entire store dedicated to the mommy-to-be with varied styles, comfortable + professional, and styles for all of Michigan’s seasons, all at affordable price points.  Kim enjoys meeting with moms-to-be and helping them look and feel their best in a warm and inviting environment.

Kim also loves supporting + helping other local moms.  Her shop showcases some local talent by offering beautiful hand-made items and gifts for both mom and baby.  Let’s learn some more about this hard working momma and how she found herself on this journey of becoming a happy + successful Mompreneur!

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Tell us a little bit about your business!

The 9 Month Bump is an upscale maternity consignment boutique that offers “smart” shopping for expectant moms in a unique environment that celebrates motherhood.   The store is dedicated to providing a large variety of quality maternity apparel in sizes ranging from XS-3X at affordable price points. The store offers specialty lotions, nursing products, support belts and many other items devoted to the comfort of the mom-to-be.  The 9 Month Bump also features trending baby items that are lovingly handcrafted by local moms. 

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What inspired your passion?

The simple truth is that I loved being pregnant. I found tremendous joy in the overall experience of my first two pregnancies. Even the morning sickness, swollen “frankenfeet” and incessant heartburn couldn’t lessen my pregnancy glow.

While pregnant, I worked full time in a corporate setting and wearing my pre-pregnancy clothes or my favorite yoga pants was definitely not an option.  I began searching for clothes that made me look as good on the outside, as I felt on the inside.  Unfortunately, I found that I had only two local options; neither which made me feel very special (think white sterile walls) and both that were going to cost me a small fortune (forget saving for the baby)!  I began to envision a store that combined both the beauty of pregnancy and practicality of an affordable maternity wardrobe. 

My passion was inspired by my pregnancies and ultimately I would become passionate about helping other women look and feel their best during this special time. 

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Tell us briefly about your family and your approach to balancing the roles of mother and business owner. 

We are a uniquely blended, busy (and very silly) family of five.  My husband is one of the hardest working and most generous people that I know and we have been blessed with three beautiful children now 7, 4 and almost 2 months old. 

Part of my balance comes from freedom in knowing that my children can visit me at “work” whenever they choose.  The store has a large playroom that accommodates visiting children (so mom can shop), but also doubles as a comfortable space for my little ones to play, do homework or to help mom with one of her many “special projects”. It is empowering and comforting to know that my children are a part of my business and that they will both grow together.     

Another part of achieving balance stems from my personal mindset.  I once read a quote that stated, “You can have it all, you just can’t have it all at the same time.” While initially this quote seemed discouraging (especially to a fellow supermom in training), I gradually found great comfort in these words. In each stage of my life there are phases, and I am learning that perfection will never be a reality.  My life is complicated, beautiful and very messy, and the only real guarantee is that things will change. I find balance in telling myself that I am doing the best that I can and that while I might not have it all, I truly have all that I need in that moment.     

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What has been your greatest success so far in your business, or

what are you most proud of? 

My first year was spent wearing many hats as the proud owner and only employee of the 9 Month Bump.  It was a rush of adrenaline, excitement and pure exhaustion. Throughout this same year, I also endured a complicated pregnancy with my third child.  All things considered, simply completing a successful and productive first year in a new business was one of my greatest personal achievements.

Although the store has reached certain milestones and received some exciting recognition this past year, I’ve experienced the most pride in our customer interactions.  I have met over a thousand expectant moms and our maternity clothes have graced baby showers, maternity photos and family gatherings. Also, each week customers send pictures of our baby gifts being used in newborn photos, baptisms and other special events.  I am most proud of our store’s presence in these meaningful moments. 

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What are you most proud of as a MOMpreneur?

Just shortly after we opened the store, I overheard my then 6 year old daughter playing “store” with a friend.  She was making polite conversation, showing her the fitting room and ringing her up.  The next day on our drive to the store my daughter said to me, “Mom, aren’t you so happy that your dream came true? Do you think that maybe I can have my own store when I grow up.”  This was my proudest moment.  I had shown my daughter that through hard work and determination she could make her own dream come true. 

I am also proud that we have welcomed over 15 local moms to showcase their talents within the store.  These women make beautiful handmade baby items that both benefit our customers and also allow them to contribute financially to their own families. There are many talented women within our community and I am proud to provide a place where they can come together for the benefit of many.



What encouragement can you give to other women and mothers?  

Simple and basic – you can do it, if you push through it! It’s not easy and it isn’t always pretty, but it is possible.  Perseverance through the hard times is the key to getting to the next success.

The same week that I signed our store lease and began running full speed ahead, I found out some very exciting news; I was pregnant.  It was a blessing and although I felt a bit overwhelmed, I also felt that it must be part of a bigger plan.  I thought to myself, “Well, what better person to open a maternity store than a pregnant person…right?”  Ten weeks later and less than a month before opening the store, I experienced a miscarriage.  After having two relatively easy and positive previous pregnancies, I was confused and devastated. 

My desire and passion for the store originated from my love of being pregnant.  After experiencing my miscarriage, I wondered if I should even open the store.  How would I feel interacting with pregnant women so soon after losing a baby?  Would I ever be able to view pregnancy in the same positive light? How would I even be able to make it to the grand opening feeling the way that I felt?

Looking back at that time (now over a year ago) with my new baby in my arms (born November 19th), I realize it was indeed part of a bigger plan. I still love the beauty of pregnancy, but I now better understand the complexity and challenges that some women face.  I am able to relate to a broader range of expecting moms and this understanding has helped tremendously in my daily interactions. 

This experience showed me that I could push through and achieve my goal.  I proved to myself that I had the ability to achieve more than I could imagine, by persevering even through the toughest time.

On a final note, be sure to reach out and find support and a strong source of encouragement from someone whose opinion you value. There is always a point where the mountain seems too high and you need someone who will give you a small boost (or a hard shove) when you think you can’t make it to the top. 



For more information please visit Kimberly online at and on Facebook

Email her at [email protected]

Call her at (734) 3077491

The 9 Month Bump Shop is located at 

2671 West Jefferson Ave.

Trenton, MI 48183

Shop Hours: Tuesday – Friday 11:00am – 6:00pm / Saturday 10:00am – 4:00pm

(Closed Sunday / Monday)




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