Seven Unique Gifts for New Moms

Shortly after my second son was born, family and friends reached out to me asking what we could use since we already had ample baby boy clothes. While it’s a somewhat uncomfortable question to answer (what childbearing-age adult actually *asks* for particular things outside of a registry), it’s appreciated by gift givers.

Buying for a new baby can be a challenge:

What do they actually need?
In what size do you buy it?
Do they already have something similar?

Talk about exhausting, especially for those that aren’t parents themselves. Alas, here I am to help!

Gifting unique items is something that’s fun for me; And although I may not always be the most successful in the unique category (#momlife), I’m hoping this list of super great gifts will earn me some points in helping others do so. In no particular order:

The “Baby Shusher”

There’s nothing more frustrating when you’re in public and can’t soothe your baby or when your mouth is completely dried out from “shushing” for 20 minutes straight. Enter the Baby Shusher. This product, developed by two parents in dire need of relief from their crying baby, features a doctor-approved technique of loud, rhythmic shushing noises that help to soothe baby and “end their crying spell quickly and easily.” 

Seriously, it works. Buy it HERE.

Bitten Mitten Swaddle Blanket and/or Teether

If your friend is a born & raised Michigander, she’s surely got some home state pride. And while she likely registered for receiving blankets, there’s nothing better than a muslin swaddle to keep that new baby all snugged in tight. The Bitten Mitten is a Michigan-made company with cute products that are perfect for any baby boy or girl. Plus: they offer a teether for both Spartan and Wolverine fans alike (Go Green!)

Buy it HERE.

“Boobie Bars”

This is a delicious gift for any breastfeeding mom out there looking to boost her supply with nutritious ingredients. Boobie Bars come in three flavors (blueberry coconut, oatmeal chocolate chip, and gluten-free peanut butter) to please any palate. While it’s a little pricey for six bars, they are proven to work.

Buy it HERE.


Every mom will inevitably be faced with diaper rash, but with so many “butt” creams on the market, how do you know which one is right for baby? Calmoseptine has been used by my family for nearly 30 years, with my grandma and mom claiming that it works better than any other baby-specific ointments out there. It’s great because it’s not just made for babies; Calmoseptine can be used on adults with skin irritations from medical conditions, wounds, burns, cuts, ulcers, bites, Poison Ivy, Eczema, and Psoriasis, to name a few. 

Buy it HERE. (Psst… It’s also now available at Costco for just $4.79; Just head to the pharmacy. You’re welcome!)

Dapple Soap

Have you ever tried to clean a bottle only to find yourself frustrated because you can’t get the fatty film off of the sides? This soap wasn’t around for my first son but has been a saving grace so far for number two. Dapple is made from plant-based ingredients and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals or dyes. Their product line focuses on three important segments for parents: dishes, laundry, and surfaces. It’s another product made by moms for moms.

Buy it HERE.


There’s nothing worse than losing any amount of that liquid gold. Fortunately, Milkies is here to save the day (literally) with their Milk-Saver. When your new mom is nursing or pumping from one side, she wears the Milk-Saver on the opposite to catch any leakage from let-down so it doesn’t go to waste in a nursing pad. 

Buy it HERE.

Gift Cards

Still stumped? Gift cards are always appreciated so the new mom can purchase whatever she needs, whenever she needs it. Maybe it’s diapers, maybe it’s a new toy; The options are endless. If you’re looking to spend a little extra ($99), an Amazon Prime membership covers everything she could need for a year and gives her FREE two-day shipping.

Thinking outside the box can be a challenge when deciding on a gift for the new mom in your life. Remember, no gift is too small when she can see the time and effort put into it. When all else fails, give her a coupon that can be redeemed for a free night of babysitting. That’s one she’s sure to enjoy! 

What’s the best gift you’ve received as a new mom?


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