What I’ve Learned Being A Small Business Owner

Being a small business owner can be so difficult at times! In theory, you have this thriving business that allows you financial freedom, a flexible schedule, and an outlet to let your creative juices flow. Social media has created a space where a 15-30 second reel highlights three hours of work, so in turn attaining success is always possible! Make all the money, be the boss-babe, boss-mom. 

Let me tell you the reality, my reality. I never wanted to be a small business owner. Back in the day, I was taught to go to school, get a degree, find the job, stay at the job. I am still doing this dance as I have proudly built a career in the early childhood field. But something in me wanted more. And when I had my daughter, something in me said, be like that famous shoe brand . . . “Just Do It.”

I am currently in year two–similar to my daughter in the life of an entrepreneur. Here is what I have to share that I’ve learned on my small business owner journey.

Do The Thing

There is something that you do that you feel so good about. There is something you do that you’ve been told you are amazing at. Figure out how to monetize that. Me? I love a good snack, I hate the portions of food. Therein lies the birth of Small Bites.

Learn The Things

Some of us need a clear checklist before starting a project, while others are better and just getting it done! There is something to be said about being prepared. After you have found your thing, what sparks your interest . . . do some research. See what is out there and what free resources you can take advantage of. And because this is a business, learn your state requirements. No one wants a problem with Uncle Sam. 

Find The People

Building a community is paramount when you are navigating starting/maintaining/growing your business. I cannot express how pivotal it has been for my toddler business. Finding a space to connect with others who share the same experiences will help you persevere when it’s tough. This space will help you to expand your business to whatever you desire. I found this community in Retreat to Reclaim, and let me tell you, this community has profoundly changed my business-mindset!

Build The Community

If you are thinking about starting a small business, just at the start, or currently a small business owner, make it a priority to find your people. Not only only does this give you a space to belong, it also will help your business to thrive! Recently I have met some amazing small business owners at Detroit Mom Connect.

I love supporting small, local businesses. Whether it is for an event, for clothes, or for sweet treats, I support these businesses because I know they are on the same path as me. It also doesn’t hurt that supporting small businesses helps the economy overall, too! Here are some of my absolute favorites:

This list of my favorites happens to all be women-owned businesses! Just think of the impact we can have if we poured more frequently into local, women-owned businesses. It creates a continued cycle of growth. Supporting a small business helps a parent send their child to camp, or pays off home debt, or is put back into a local community center. The level of support you show a small business ultimately supports the community you live in.

To read more on local small Black businesses, here’s a list of 17 Black-owned businesses to try in + around Detroit.


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