Mom Uniform {Winter Edition}: winter style is possible, don’t give up moms

We’re well into winter and I know it’s more tempting than ever to throw your parka on  over your PJ’s, skip your bra (can people tell though? Let’s not answer that) and head out into the world. I’m hoping I can give you the little refresh you need to keep you feeling fashionable through the rest of the season.

Mom Uniform {Winter Edition}:  Winter style is possible, don’t give up moms

Fashion and Michigan winters don’t exactly go hand in hand, do they? Not only do we battle the snow, we miss out on the sunshine and our outfits can start to match the arctic tundra. As tempting as it is to throw in the heated blanket on style, I have a few staples in my wardrobe that keep me feeling put-together and warm all season long. Here’s what I’m wearing daily for easy, fuss free winter dressing.  And in full disclosure, all the links are items I sell at Madison Boutique.

Start with a good base

  • Sweater dresses are absolutely a go-to for me for winter style. When it’s really cold outside and I still want to dress up a sweater dress is my first choice. I love how a swingy warm sweater dress keeps me cozy, but also flatters my winter mom bod (thank you queso and chips).  This style is easy to wear and easy to style in many different ways. Add a scarf, a jacket or a vest. Or try it with leggings and boots or tights and booties. 
  • Fleece lined leggings. I can’t live without them. The best are the high waisted ones that tighten up all of our jiggly parts and keep us toasty as the wind blows. A good pair is super thick, non sheer and completely fitted from above the belly to below the ankle. If you think you won’t like that fit, don’t knock it until you try it . . . you will. I think these from Madison Boutique really are the best for the price.

Mom Uniform {Winter Edition}:  Winter style is possible, don’t give up moms

Add more to keep you warm

  • A cozy knit.  Try a pull over sweater, a fitted cardigan or trendy poncho that adds a little style and also keeps you toasty.
  • Winter boots that don’t make you feel like Napoleon Dynamite. Have you ever stepped out of your car into a freezing puddle of slush and you weren’t wearing waterproof boots? I have, and that was probably the day I bought my first pair of adult winter boots. Gone are the moon boots of our childhood, there are plenty of stylish waterproof boot options at all price points to fit your budget and your style.
  • Blanket scarves. There’s almost always a big blanket scarf with me at all times in the colder months. Wear it with your coat or as a layer with your indoor outfit to stay extra toasty. I know the main hurdle is always how to wear them – check out Pinterest for new ways to wear a blanket scarf. Experiment with these ideas and see what works for you, your neck will thank you.

For me it’s all about layering. It’s one of the most popular trends every winter because it’s really the most practical way to dress for the environment. There’s always a fine line between being comfortable and being frumpy, so chose your layers with intention. I want to be cute, and most importantly warm whether I’m running around outside or holding down the fort at home. I promise, cute winter style is possible, don’t give up moms! Try these tips out for size if you haven’t yet and let me know what you think.


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