2021 Detroit Mom-Approved Local Giving Guide

Detroit Mom was thrilled to pair with The Friendship Circle to bring this guide to you. All opinions are our own.
giving guide

As we approach the end of 2021, we recognize the resilience our communities have shown as well as the hardships they’ve faced. We continue to face challenges many of us have never seen before. Charitable and non-profit organizations are overwhelmed by demand. As many Detroit-area families are struggling to meet basic needs this year, community organizations are stepping up efforts to lend a hand. This Giving Tuesday, they need our support.

The Friendship Circle
is one of our favorite organizations that could use your help this year.

The Friendship Circle is a non-profit based in West Bloomfield, Michigan. It was founded in 1994 with only eight volunteers at the time. This wonderful organization now serves over 3,000 individuals with special needs and their families. It provides social, recreational, educational, and vocational programming, all with the goal of helping individuals with special needs to have the friendship and inclusion they deserve. 

The Ferber Kaufman LifeTown at the Friendship Circle offers a fully functional adult-sized town! Ferber Kaufman LifeTown is complete with a bank, hair salon, roads with street lights, cafe, library, movie theatre, and anything else you can think of to make a little town complete! Here, they teach life skills and train for jobs. They provide real-life experiences to help ease fears and practice how things would typically operate at one of these establishments.

The Farber Soul Center is home to Soul Cafe and Soul Studio. The Soul Cafe is operated by individuals with special needs as they learn skills necessary to thrive in careers in the service industry. Their menu features delicious and cozy cuisine in a warm and relaxed environment. 

The Soul Studio is an open-concept art space for individuals with special needs ages eighteen and over. The studio is filled with multiple forms of media to create and explore any type of artwork you can imagine. The gallery attached to the studio is a feast for the senses as you look through the amazing works of art curated by the artists that learn and grow in this space. 

The Dakota Bread Company is located just down the road from the Friendship Circle. It is another facility that offers training and life skills to individuals with special needs. Dakota Bread Company is well known in the community and for good reason – everything they make there is delicious! 

The Friendship Circle is an incredible place you just have to see for yourself. Their missions and positive influences on our community and those with special needs is second to none in the area. 

Please consider helping this wonderful organization to continue the impact they have for those with special needs and their families.


2021 is the year to open our hearts and lend a hand. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to do so. We all have something to give. Detroit Mom has found many, many worthwhile organizations that would gladly accept whatever we have to offer. Maybe it’s an hour a week reading online with kids, or maybe it’s needed supplies. Perhaps it’s a cash donation. Anything we can give will help make Giving Tuesday 2021 an impactful one for charities that rely on donors like us.

Click the photos below to browse some of the local organizations that would love your donation this year!


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