A Day In the Life of A Working Mom

I have been officially back to work now for 3 weeks. I’m a little tired. But my super busy days also reminds me of how much time I used to have before I had kids. My “downtime” is when I’m at work. Granted – I work over 50 hours a week in a very fast paced environment, but when I go home – job #2 starts. It’s not easy being a working mom and its definitely not easy being a stay at home mom either!


 4 AM

The sound of a baby wailing through the monitor wakes me out of my (not so sound – I can hear a pin drop) sleep. This is actually one of my favorite times of day. Just baby Vincent and I rocking in his room watching the sun come up. Baby is fed, diaper is dry, “school clothes” are put on and back in the cradle he goes.

Now I am awake. Time to get moving.

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 1

5 AM

I jump in the shower, get dressed, throw on some clothes… oh no – the other one is up now! I hurry and put on my makeup and go to Alexandra’s room. (Dan is already up and walking out the door to go to work – I have drop off duty today). She loves zippers and tried to take off her pajamas herself this morning! Such a big girl!

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 2

6:30 AM

Coffee is made, kids are dressed, Daddy went to work and now it’s time for me to get on the road. Strap the kids in the car and it’s a 20 minute drive to “school” then off to work. Yippee! Alexandra wants to sing “Ring around the Rosie” over and over again.

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 3


 7:15 AM

Almost time to start my “work” day. The kids are happily eating breakfast at “school” and I enjoyed the rest of my 20 minute drive with the radio blaring loudly to upbeat music. I’m glad I didn’t forget to turn off the DVD that was playing (Giggle Bellies). Yes – there have been times when I make it all the way to work with the songs still playing and I am singing along.

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 4

10 AM

After my 10am meeting, I needed to make a quick stop thru the Starbucks drive thru before heading back to my office. MMMM hot coffee.

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 5

3 PM

“3PM Happy Hour” surprise ice cream cake for everyone. Sure… my diet can wait another day. It just happened to be my favorite flavor (Mint Chocolate Chip). I’ll have a sliver please!

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 6


 4:30 PM

I hurry up at work and finish what I am doing to leave by 4:30PM (the latest!). Drive to daycare, pick up the kids (Mommy Mommy I got a sticker today for being good!), and sit in rush hour traffic on I-75 before pulling into the driveway at home. Oh good – Dan is home. He can entertain the kids while I run around the house. I have about 2 hours to get everything ready before bath time. Here goes nothing.

 5:30 PM

Make dinner (chicken enchiladas) for today and two meals to freeze for later (Pasta with spinach, artichokes, sun dried tomatoes, red peppers and mushrooms with chunky basil marinara). Empty & reload the dishwasher. Meanwhile, running both the clothes washer and dryer. Fold the towels. Put all the toys away (cleaning lady is coming tomorrow). Eat dinner (Daddy eats first with Alexandra while I feed Vincent his bottle). Now it’s Mommy’s turn to eat (alone – yay). Finish organizing the garage while Alexandra plays on her new outdoor toys. “Mommy I have dirt!” BATH TIME!!!! All clean and in new pajamas!

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 7 Lauren M aditl of a working mom 8


 8 PM

The kitchen is wiped up, the clothes are folded and put away, the garage is organized and I’m all ready for the cleaning lady to come and “clean” the rest of the house. Even the kids are clean! They are snuggled into their pajamas and ready to end the day with a good night’s rest.

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 9

9:45 PM

GET BACK INTO THAT BED! FINALLY, after almost two of hours of stories, tickles, songs, and holding hands, Alexandra is sound asleep. And of course – Vincent wakes up for his last nightly feeding! Back to the rocking chair where Vincent and I started our day. This time, we get to rock and watch the sunset over the trees.

Lauren M aditl of a working mom 10

11 PM

Finally, the day has ended. After a quick rinse in the shower (thanks Vinnie for the baby spit up on my clean pajamas), Dan and I lay in bed. “Goodnight Honey!” And within minutes, we are both sound asleep. 4AM is just around the corner to do this all over again!



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