Aging Gracefully (With Help)

Always #29

I turned twenty-nine, again, recently. I honestly haven’t felt better in years. Maybe it’s the self-confidence that comes along with being in your thirties. Maybe it’s the strength of motherhood. Or is it all of my good habits? I usually work out (ish) three to five times a week, I drink loads of water (sometimes with vodka), and I meditate.

I try to do everything I can to take care of myself.  BUT, I think it’s more accurate for the simple fact that I refuse to go down without a fight!  Yes. I admit it. I refuse to age gracefully.  After years of sunbathing and grimacing, this face of mine needs all the help it can possibly get.  If you’re one of those women who is accepting of the physical changes that come along with aging, then by God do I respect and admire you.

You be the Judge

I’m simply not that woman. Go ahead, clutch those pearls. Judge me. There is absolutely no shame in my game. Give me the Botox, the fillers, and the peels. Give me all the things that keep my face looking just that…like MY face. I refuse to be a shadow of who I looked like in my twenties. I refuse to be the woman that people say “oh, she used to be so pretty”. I’ve grown to like this face of mine after all those years of teenage angst and twenty-something insecurities.  I want to look in my mirror and recognize that girl staring back at me. If that requires a little maintenance? I’m perfectly fine with that and I think you should be, too.


There is nothing wrong with wanting to look or feel your best.  I’m tired of the false belief that caring about your appearance somehow makes a woman insecure, shallow or attention seeking. The desire to feel beautiful is not anti-feminist. Enough of the shaming! There is nothing wrong with wanting to look and feel good! The beauty is that we, as women, get to define exactly what that means to us.  Are you happiest makeup-free wearing yoga pants? More power to you. Can’t leave the house without lipstick and heels? Work it, girl. Women dye their hair, paint their nails, wear makeup….all things to improve one’s appearance. No one seems to scoff at those minor changes.

What is the difference between one beauty modification and another? I say there isn’t one! A nip, a tuck, an injection here or there. Shellac, extensions, red lipstick, sexy underwear. (Ha! I rhymed!) If it makes you feel beautiful, why not?

Bottom line Ladies

 Do whatever makes YOU feel good, happy and beautiful!  Flaunt your grey. Embrace your laugh lines. Or don’t. For me, I will take all the help I can get. 


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