Frugal Friday {Apps to Save Your Hard Earned Money}

I don’t know about you but the holiday bill hangover seems to last a while. Ouch. Maybe you are like me and just hanging on until the next payday. Double ouch. The money struggle is real. Paychecks are absorbed by bad decisions with credit cards, the never-ending sports and school functions, oh and do not even get me started on student loan payments. 

If you are anything like this mama, you try your best to stretch, save, or make a dollar. Obviously smart decisions, eating out less, and clipping coupons go a long way. But, why not try a few other options? Did you know that there are a ton of apps to save your hard earned money? Below are some of my favorite, tried and true ways to earn some extra money, without much effort. 

Clear the clutter – fill your wallet! Sell that “stuff” taking up space. Poshmark is a great app for selling all types of clothes and accessories. Other applications like Mercari and eBay allow you to sell clothes and more. Print the shipping label and drop that clutter in the mail. Buying and selling groups are popular, but make sure you exchange money and goods in a public setting to stay safe.

Google Chrome Extensions If you aren’t familiar with Google Chrome extensions they are software options that enhance your web browser. There are a few I heavily depend on when shopping online. 

  • Ebates: You’ve seen the commercials, but have you tried it? Ebates gives you coupon codes and cashback on your purchases. The money is sent our quarterly via PayPal or a physical check. I made $20 shopping Thanksgiving weekend!
  • Honey: You have got to try this one! Honey automatically searches for coupon codes. You can have it track the prices of items to see if it the best time to buy or if the price is inflated. You are awarded “honey coins” for purchase that you can save and eventually cash in for gift cards. I cashed my points for an Amazon gift card.
  • WikiBuy: This works similar to Honey, tracks the prices of items and provides coupon codes.
A BuzzAgent campaign that provided coupons for free dog food.

BuzzAgent! Take a few surveys, provide reviews on items. I have received numerous free items or coupons for free items. You simply review the products on the website and social media. The more you do, the more items you are sent!

Apps to Save Your Hard Earned Money
V8 Energy drinks that I received free! Coupons to share were provided too.

Apps that work for you. Some apps allow you to earn points by completing everyday activities or doing shopping you already do. With some, it can take awhile for the points to accumulate, but there is an eventual payoff. You can earn gift cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks and more! Here are a few apps to save your hard earned money:

  • Viggle: Listens to what you are watching either on live television or streaming. The longer you watch the more points you earn. Points can be cashed in for various gift cards. (Downside, you have to keep the app open when using it so no surfing Facebook!)
  • Achievement: Connects to Apple Health, Fitbit, and other apps. You earn points based on the number of steps, sleep minutes, how much water you drink and taking surveys. Once you earn 10,000 points you earn $10!
  • ShopKick: Uses the location on your phone, you earn “kicks” when you walk into stores and various restaurants. You can scan items and upload your receipts for additional points earning gift cards of your choice.
  • Ibotta: Select the store you are shopping at, and scan items as you go to find coupons. When you’re done with your shopping trip, you upload your receipt to earn cash back!
  • Target App & Cartwheel: If you shop at Target and don’t use Cartwheel did you really shop there? Cartwheel is Targets very own coupon app: scan items as you shop and available coupons pop up. When you are checking out, display the app to the cashier to scan. Instant discounts. (Double savings with the Target RedCard, extra 5% off!

None of these promise the big bucks, but a little extra cash here and that can add up.  What are some of your favorite ways save?

Apps to Save Your Hard Earned Money


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