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Christina is a 43-year-old full-time mom, running her own business as a certified intercultural trainer & coach, a part-time blogger and “some-time” actress plus a wanna-be storyteller. She is a European soul with lots of highly contagious wanderlust in her heart. Together with her three heroes, she came to Metro Detroit three years ago where she is still trying to figure out how to do “the suburban mom thing” properly. She is a soccer mom and a passionate boymom to two wild and free guys. Which does not mean that she would not have equally welcomed additional daughters into her life. Not so much another sport though as she is a true believer that you can explain almost anything in life through soccer. She calls Northville her home and Stuttgart her “home home”. She is a coffee snob and never travels without her Italian Bialetti but also a tea drinker - green tea in the morning for the first dose of zen and Latte Macchiato whenever the craving kicks in for the dolce vita moments in everyday life. You can find her at cute locally-owned coffee spots to share your stories, in smelly indoor soccer places or over at Instagram @southboundstories.

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