Dawn B


A Friend’s Experience With Pregnancy Loss and What It Taught Me

A few days after our early miscarriage, I met one of my dearest friends for breakfast.  As we were so newly pregnant when the loss happened, I hadn't yet told her that we were.  I planned on filling...

Let’s Make a Baby!

If you're anything like me, when you decided you wanted to try to have a baby (or another baby), you wanted to have it yesterday.  Am I right?  If there's a book, magazine, journal, blog,...

Bye-Bye, Baby: An Experience with Chemical Pregnancy

Less than a month after our wedding, a Sunday morning, I found out I was pregnant.  Although it wasn’t specifically planned, my husband (I’ll call him G) and I were eager to start a...

Calling All Not-Yet Moms!

When you sat down at your computer this morning, cup of coffee in hand (or possibly this evening- glass of wine in hand?), a relaxing thought of surfing the ‘net in mind, you stumbled...