Calling All Not-Yet Moms!

When you sat down at your computer this morning, cup of coffee in hand (or possibly this evening- glass of wine in hand?), a relaxing thought of surfing the ‘net in mind, you stumbled across the Detroit Moms Blog.  Or, someone sent you a link to it.  Or, you saw a post on Facebook and decided to check it out.  However you came across this, I’m glad you did.  True, most people who find and read the Detroit Moms Blog will already be- MOMS!  But there are some of you out there finding this site who are not-yet moms.  Maybe you’re trying-to-be moms, has-been moms, or soon-to-be moms.  Maybe you’re never-wanna-be moms.  My blog on this site is going to be a little different.  I won’t be sharing stories of the adorable thing my child said/did, the difficulty in multi-tasking, getting everything done with not enough hours in the day, finding the right babysitter/daycare/school, the safest who-knows-what.  Nope, I can’t write about those things yet because I’m not there yet.  I’m a not-yet mom.  My blog is for those of you, all of you, who are also not there yet and would really like to be.  It’s a safe place to discuss all things trying-to-conceive related; all the things us not-yet moms think about, wonder about and worry about.  It is also a safe place to discuss pregnancy loss, and the issues and devastation that come along with that, if you have been unlucky enough to join that club.  I, you will find out, am also in that club.  I will tell my story and share informational posts on topics relevant to the trying-to-conceive and pregnancy loss worlds, and strive to bring as much support, sensitivity, honesty and education to these topics as I can.  I hope that it may reach those of you who might be going through the same things and offer you some support.  Or, maybe you can lend me some support if you’ve walked this path yourself.  If these things don’t interest you at all but you know somebody who might be able to relate, pass it on.  If there are already-moms out there who find these topics of interest, remember what it was like before you were able to grow your family, maybe you’ve been through a loss before, or you just want to give this community some hope, I welcome you with open arms.

So a little about me.  As my bio says, I am 34, a psychologist, and married.  My husband operates a family business and we are both very lucky to love our careers.  We went through the process of building a home last year- at the exact same time we were planning our wedding- and while everything turned out great and we made it through TWO of “life’s most stressful events” at the same time, I would highly recommend staggering these endeavors if you value your sanity.  Currently, we share our home with 3 cats (through no fault of my husbands- I do know this is at least two felines too many) and although we love them dearly, we look forward to the day that we have children who are slightly less hairy and don’t walk all over the counters repetitively- even after being squirted with water.  We decided early in our courting days that we would try to have a family as soon as we were married, and with my “make it happen”, determined personality, I undertook this goal as if it were a science project I was determined to get an ‘A’ on.  That was seven short months ago, and although I’ve lost some of that gusto and don’t have a successful pregnancy to show for it yet, I do have two failed ones, two “angel babies” and a lot more knowledge and life experience.  I look forward to sharing that experience and taking this journey with you.  Let’s be here for each other, shall we?

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