8 Baby Products That Are Total Lifesavers for New Parents

Being a new parent brings many feelings. They run the gamut from joy and excitement, to fear and overwhelm. New parents may feel lost or unprepared when they return home from the hospital with their sweet little one. The dizzying array of baby products available can add to the confusion.

Aside from the basics, which items do you really need, anyway? I’ve rounded up a list of baby products that are total lifesavers for new parents, according to some of our contributors here at Detroit Mom!

Baby Brezza

Our team loves the Baby Brezza! It is wonderful for formula-fed babies. This little gem will automatically mix, heat, and dispense formula into virtually any type of baby bottle. Features include adjustable 1 ounce increments between 2-10 ounces, three temperature settings, and formula/water or water only settings. It has the makings of an amazing baby product!

Baby Carrier

Our team loves a baby carrier too! There are many types on the market, from the more structured buckle carriers, to the soft and stretchy wraps. A baby carrier will allow you to “wear” your baby, which lets you have both hands free while also keeping baby close. When done safely and correctly, baby wearing can have benefits for both baby and parent.

Baby Shusher

Multiple mammas on our team love the baby shusher. This sound machine meant for newborns produces a soothing “shhhhh” sound. Users found it very helpful in calming fussy infants or helping babies to fall asleep. It is supposed to mimic the sound of being in the womb. The baby shusher also features a timer setting and volume control. A definite must-have baby product!

Burp Cloths

This one is self-explanatory! Babies can make pretty big messes so you’ll want to stock up on burp cloths. When my first was born, we had a handful of the cute burp cloths and figured that would be enough. Once we realized having just a few wasn’t going to cut it, we picked up some cloth diapers to use as burp cloths in a pinch.

They were game-changers! Soft, absorbent, and they often come many to a pack. You can use them as changing pad covers, too. They definitely come in handy!


Our team loves the Doona, which calls itself “the world’s first complete and fully integrated travel system.” This car seat has wheels that fold out from behind, allowing it to function as both an infant seat and a stroller. The Doona is an investment, but may be worth it if you don’t want to purchase a separate infant seat and caddy, or if carrying around a heavy infant seat is not for you.

Haakaa Breast Pump

A must-have baby product for nursing moms! This manual breast pump uses natural suction to express breastmilk. Mamas love using the Haakaa to catch milk from the opposite side that baby is feeding from, as well as to help relieve engorged breasts.


Mamas on our team love the Oogiebear–it’s known as the “better booger getter” for a reason! The dual-ended tool has a scoop end for removing dry boogers from your baby’s nose, and a loop end for removing sticky boogers. The clever design is safe, and can’t be inserted too far into the nose. The oogiebear also works for removing earwax. Add this baby product to your little one’s grooming kit!

Owlet Dream Sock

The Owlet Dream Sock is another favorite at Detroit Mom. This baby monitor allows users to track their little one’s heart rate, oxygen level, and wakings. It will also alert with light and sound when your baby may need you. In addition, it will connect to an app called Owlet Dream App to allow users to view everything at once, including sleep and wake windows. The Owlet Dream Sock is designed for healthy babies ages 1-18 months old.

Being a new parent can be overwhelming, but we promise–you’re doing amazing. We hope this list of baby product must-haves is helpful as you prepare for your bundle of joy to arrive. You got this, mama!

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