Top 10 Practical Gifts For New + Expecting Moms

When you’re expecting a new baby there are countless lists of things you’ll need. Everything from diapers to high-end strollers–there is no shortage of baby registry must-haves out there!

But what about the simple gifts just for moms? We asked our Detroit Moms what gifts they received that were simple, but made all the difference! Here’s our list of the top 10 practical gifts for new and expecting moms.

Bath Robe for Hospital + Home

By far the number one suggestion out of all of the gifts for new and expecting moms! Some of our Detroit Moms took it to the hospital, while others mentioned they lived in it during the fourth trimester. It can be extra comfy, or just practical for all the spit-up and mess. Finding one that is bright and cherry can definitely make mom feel a boost of energy when she’s tired–and hasn’t showered in a day or two.


New and expecting moms tend to get stuck a lot–first we can’t get up or are too tired to move when pregnant. Then, we bring our kiddos home and find that we’re stuck under them feeding or sleeping. An affordable c-table will help mom out with having a place to set her water bottle and phone, do some computer work, or be able to grab a quick bite. It can move from room to room, and has so many uses!

Depends Adult Diapers or Period Underwear

It’s common to find a baby diaper stockpile in a new and expecting mom’s home, but what many first-time mothers don’t know is that adult diapers can be your best friend! They are not only a great alternative to the mesh underwear (which many find uncomfortable), but they also provide a safety net for new moms who experience incontinence. They fit nicely under all clothes and are easy to change and toss. After a few weeks, switching to some period underwear is a great alternative to help new moms start to feel human again!


New and expecting moms need their “me” time! They’re also awake a lot and often only have one hand free. An e-reader can not only help moms relax, but it can also offer an easy, one-handed reading option for book lovers. It can make those 2:00 a.m. feedings less daunting, or help mom get through the evening witching hours.

Loop Earplugs

New and expecting moms will face a lot of noises. Not only can a newborn’s scream be deafening, but over-stimulation in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and in homes with multiple children is common. A pair of Loop earplugs can help moms focus and relieve anxiety. A great tool to have in your back pocket (literally!) for infancy and beyond.

Sleep Mask

With so many unique and fun prints out there, a sleep mask is a perfect gift. Hospitals can be busy and bright, moms can use it to catch some shuteye before and after baby is born, and it acts as a perfect headband when baby wakes. New and expecting moms notoriously have trouble sleeping late in pregnancy and when newborns come home, it’s a thoughtful way to say “rest when you can.”

Slip-On Shoes

The gift that keeps on giving! Starting off with expecting moms who just need a quick shoe to slip on when their feet are swollen. Add slip-on shoes to your hospital bag, and then use them at home for a quick run to the car, mailbox, or short walk. These popular target finds are also waterproof–easy to clean and can be used in the hospital shower!

Tiered Bedside Caddy

Being able to easily access what you need is important during pregnancy, when you’re feeling sick or just very pregnant. A bedside caddy is a great gift for middle of the night feeding and changing, too. It’s a useful addition to your home that can hold things like a soft glow nightlight, water bottles, baby and mom nighttime essentials, phones and chargers, tissues, snacks, and other things you might want within quick reach. Plus, it’s easily re-purposable in other areas of the house!

Towel Scrunchie

Whether mom is in her third trimester or recovering from birth, the last thing she wants to worry about is wet hair getting in the way. Nothing feels better than a nice, long, hot shower, but many us know that the “after-shower” routine can be a lot of work. Throwing your hair up into a bun with a Kitsch towel scrunchie while also having the power to dry it frees up time and relieves stress for new and expecting moms!

Water Bottles

Another top tip from Detroit Moms was a large water bottle . . . or three. Not only is motherhood exhausting, but you’re going to want to stay hydrated while you heal (especially if you’re breastfeeding!). A Stanley is an awesome practical gift for new and expecting moms, in a variety of colors. We recommend having multiple around the house. A great affordable and durable water bottle brand is Contigo. Have one in every room or keep one to drink, one to wash, and one as spare. And, this Contigo water bottle from Amazon is affordable and bang-proof!

And remember . . . It’s The Thought That Counts

When chatting with Detroit Moms to compile our list of top 10 practical gifts for new and expecting moms, we saw a lot of the same favorite gifts! But there was also one resounding sentiment among these mommas–it was the thought behind it! So whether you’re clicking over to your favorite shop to purchase something from our list or just sending a mom-to-be a virtual hug, know that any and all support is appreciated!

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