Erica Saville


Momming When You Hate the Cold: Simple Tips for Becoming a Fun Winter Mom

I am not now, nor have I ever been, a cold-weather person. I like to joke (but also not joking) that as an African American woman, I am from a tropical people! Snow and...

What “Trolls” Can Teach Us About Covert Racism

Listen, we watch a LOT of Trolls World Tour in this house. Somewhere around the 70th viewing, you start thinking more deeply about it than you should (in between the living room karaoke sessions). It’s...

What I’m Looking For in a Business as a Black Woman

One beautiful thing that came out of 2020 was the appreciation of small businesses! We rallied around the importance of putting our money into our communities, supporting our friends and our neighbors.  As a black...

Wyandotte: Detroit Moms’ Favorite Metro Area Cities

When I first moved to Michigan at 17, a lot of my social time was spent in Wyandotte drinking coffee and being hipsters at The Grind (now closed). "The Dotte" is largely a residential...