Rediscover the Wonder of Your Local Library

I’m sad to admit that I have sorely under-utilized my local library. When I think of the money I’ve spent buying books blindly and regretting that choice…well, you’re welcome, Amazon. I could have easily borrowed Untamed (yes, I’m the rare bird who didn’t like it) and spent that $20 on something else. Ok, it probably would have been another book, but still.

Click HERE for my video commentary about my recent visit to my local library.

local library, detroit, librariesYour library offers more than just books.

In addition to the traditional book checkout, our local libraries offer movie and game rentals! Who needs Blockbuster?!

And as a parent, it’s DEFINITELY in your best interests to look up your local library’s children’s activities. Story times, play areas, and online resources are great for keeping those little minds occupied. During the pandemic, libraries came in especially clutch with their take-home craft kits for the kids — all totally free. I have every intention of stopping by my branch every time the craft kit changes to pick one up for my toddler. This momma needs all the creative help she can get.

While most libraries have re-opened for browsing, many are still offering pickups/drop-offs, so check the status at your local branch.

Have you visited your local library? What’s your favorite thing about it?

For more inspiration on what to pick up at your local library, check out the Detroit Mom team’s favorite books for kids of all ages.


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