Katie Goncalves

Katie is a Novi mom to a spunky little girl and married to her college sweetheart. She is a full-time stay at home mom, a part-time swim coach, and the resident book lady for Detroit Mom. Katie is a wine and cheese fanatic, a small-scale shopaholic, and a reading enthusiast. You can follow Katie on Instagram @goncalves_katie and the Bookstagram pages @detroitmomsonthesamepage

Five Ways to Erase Mom Guilt

To be a mom in today’s society, you have to be on board with feeling all kinds of mom guilt. Women quietly agree to wear this guilt like a badge of honor every day...

When Thanksgiving Traditions Change

If you page through the dozens of photo books in my parents' house, each and every one contains at least one picture of my family gathered around the Thanksgiving table. For me, that is...

Seven Steps to a Cleaner Closet

It’s time to face the truth: summer is over, and fall is upon us. The crisp mornings have me excited for puffy vests and cozy boots. Pulling out all of the cold weather items...

Dating my Husband from the Couch

About a year and change after our daughter was born, my husband and I started feeling itchy. Not in the way of having an allergic reaction or bed bugs in our house, but the...

I Loathe Mom Conversations

Fact: It’s hard to make mom friends. Also a fact: We don’t make things any easier on ourselves. You’ve probably been in this scenario before: You’ve gathered all of your courage to go out and meet...

Meet Katie: A Farmington Hills Mom

Hello, I'm Katie! I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the contributor team at Detroit Moms Blog!  I’ve spent nearly my entire life in Farmington Hills, a slice of suburbia with no shortage of mature...