Detroit Mom Book Club: Book of the Month June 2021

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Book of the Month: We Begin at the End by Chris WhitakerSynopsis

“There are two kinds of families: the ones we are born into and the ones we create.”

Walk is a 40-something sheriff who never left the town where he grew up. Years earlier, his testimony sent his best friend, Vincent, to prison and he still hasn’t recovered. Now Vincent is getting out of prison and things feel awful.

Duchess is only thirteen and has to be the parent not only to her five-year-old brother, but her own mother as well. She does everything to keep her family in one piece, even if she has to endure endless bullying at school.

It doesn’t seem like these two have very much in common, but their lives will become entwined in more ways than one. Heartbreak, disappointment, and trouble lurk around every corner as Walk and Duchess navigate the next phases of their lives.

Notable Achievements

A New York Times Bestseller.

Book Club Reading Discussion Schedule

The dates listed below are the days we will be posting discussion questions in the Facebook group. On those dates, we will be talking about the chapters listed.

Tuesday, June 8: Chapters 1-13

Tuesday, June 15: Chapters 14-26

Tuesday, June 22: Chapters 27-39

Tuesday, June 29: Chapters 40-49

We hope you enjoy We Begin at the End and get to discuss with us in our book club this month!


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