Kendra lives in Grosse Pointe with her husband, Mike, and their two daughters, Penny (5) and Ruby (2). She is affectionately known as "The Blonde Mom" professionally- a Personal Stylist and Shopper that caters to women, specifically mothers, of all ages and demographics. Kendra is a self-proclaimed foodie, and spends all of her extra time (and money!!) exploring the Detroit restaurant scene. She loves throwing parties and could live exclusively on sparkling water and sushi.

I’ve Recovered From Depression: My Journey On and Off the Meds

I was diagnosed with depression two years ago. My youngest daughter had just turned one, and I was expecting to feel better, or more like myself, because surely this was just "baby blues" that...

I Can’t Get Rid of That! How to Repurpose Sentimental Clothing

MANY of us are guilty: we allow worn out pieces to take up prime real estate in our closets. Whether it was clothing worn by a loved one, or it has ties to a...

Spending + Saving + Selling: Money Tips for Your Online Holiday Shopping Trips

We have a saying in our house. Well, my husband has a saying in our house: "You're not saving money if you're spending it." Lucky for my hubby, I am a savvy spender. I'm...

Humble Halloween: Creative and Cost Effective Family Costumes

Once upon a time, when my husband and I were quintessential dinks, I would dress my yellow Labrador Retriever up for Halloween. She's been a bumblebee, lobster, and, most notably, me. You haven't lived...
Style Guide

A Modish Mom’s Style Guide to the Morning Rush

I'm ugliest in the morning. I wake up looking like a mole-covered forest creature with spiderweb hair and sleep creases on my cheeks. Let's not even discuss my dragon breath. I have precisely 45...

Hold the Hooch: Eight “Dry” Mom Dates in Detroit

Did you know that it’s possible to build relationships with your #momsquad sans spirits? Modern mom culture is wine-obsessed. I see it in my newsfeed every day- memes, t-shirts, and socks glorifying drinking as...

Introducing Kendra Bissig, a Grosse Pointe Mom

In a world full of yoga pants, I am high waist flares…trendy, dynamic, and not designed for everyone. My name is Kendra Blessing Bissig. A quirky name to fill the quirky pants...ammaright?! My unusual middle...