Megan G.

Megan lives in Livonia with her husband and three toddlers. Megan works full-time in automotive customer data and digital marketing, but constantly feels the pull of entrepreneurship. When she's not balancing her working-mom schedule with her ever impossible home organization standards, you can find her dreaming up more designs for her apparel and babywearing company. Megan has a passion for learning, podcasts, all things birth, attachment and crunchy parenting. She loves chocolate milkshakes and believes that leggings ARE pants. Keep up with Megan by following her on Instagram: @momoxieco
mom and kids apple picking

Apple Picking In + Around Detroit

*last updated 9/2022 One of the greatest things about living in Michigan is experiencing all of the seasons. While we love them all, fall is, in our opinion, by far one of the best. Football starts,...

Mama, You Need a “Golf Night!”

Let’s get something clear right away: “golf night” is in quotations because what I’m about to say has nothing to do with actual golf, save for a few dad-joke golf-puns.  Mama, you need a “golf...

Oh Hello, Impostor Syndrome

I have a secret. I'm a fraud. Everything you see about me is fake. Smoke in mirrors. Everything I have and anything I've achieved is because of pure luck. Or because I deceived someone...

The Ultimate Cider Mill Guide Around Detroit

Looking to get your fall-fix of apple cider and donuts but don't have an entire afternoon to devote to the full orchard experience? Check out this great list of our favorite stand-alone cider mills...

2018 Summer Festivals In + Around Detroit

It's hard to believe that summer festivals are well underway ! I get excited just thinking about elephant ears and snow cones... We all know as parents that's the one thing we look forward...

An Open Letter to My Public School

Dear Novi Community Schools, It goes without saying that no one enters the teaching profession for the high salary and over-the-top benefits. The real payoff is making a difference in the lives of your students,...

Mom Hacks from a Mom of Multiples

March 5, 2018 marked one year of survival with three-kids-under-three. My twin boys were born when my daughter was only two and a half. I love them all with so much of my being,...

We Hired A Sleep Consultant

Have you heard of the frog in boiling water analogy? Hypothetically, if you throw a frog in boiling water it will jump out, knowing the water is too hot and unsafe. But, if you...

Naked and Not Afraid: Celebrating My 4th Trimester Body

I had my naked postpartum body photographed. Does that sound like some sort of nightmare to you? Cruel torture? I’m here to tell you, ladies, that it was anything but that! It was celebratory...

Discussing Our Differences with Kids

Kids say the darndest things. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's a curse word (oh, that's just my kid? Never mind . . . ), sometimes it's accidentally offensive. But what do you do when it's...