Molly is a married 40yo Stay-at-Home mom to her growing garden of three girls aged 6,4, and 3. Molly is passionate about maternal mental wellness and practices Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help keep her mind balanced. She enjoys experimenting in her kitchen with many flavors and binge watching shows on Hulu and Netflix after the girls go to bed.

Introducing Molly Ann Nagelli…a Livonia Mom

Introducing yourself is an awkward process. It consists of sharing information about yourself that is personal but not too private.  As a Bipolar individual, I am, by default, prone to over-sharing, and as a...

Mothering with Mental Illness

I have been a mother for five years now, and I would like to think I am doing a good job. My three children are happy, healthy, and well-adjusted. It hasn't been easy, however....