Molly is a married 42yo Stay-at-Home mom to her growing garden of three girls aged 8,6, and 5. Molly is passionate about maternal mental wellness and practices Dialectical Behavioral Therapy to help keep her mind balanced. She enjoys experimenting in her kitchen with many flavors and binge watching shows on Hulu and Netflix after the girls go to bed. Molly is also an avid reader and member of Detroit Mom's Bookclub.
jack o lantern for Halloween

The Irish Origins of Halloween

Did you know that our children’s (and a large number of adults) favorite dress-up holiday of Halloween actually started in Ireland? According to World History Encyclopedia, the history of Halloween dates back to ancient...

Celebrating Indian Independence Day

August 15th is the 75th anniversary of India’s liberation from British rule. The metro Detroit area has a relatively large minority population of Indian immigrants who celebrate Indian Independence Day, similar to how we...

Celebrating Irish American Heritage Month

The month of March is Irish American Heritage Month, which means a lot to my family and I, as well as our large Detroit Irish community. In fact, 9.2% of Americans claim Irish ancestry...

Let’s Talk Mental Health During the Holiday Season

Holidays during the fall and winter seasons can be stressful, especially for us moms. Mothers carry the bulk of the mental load for their families whether they work outside the home or are a...

Diwali: A Holiday You May Not Be Familiar With

We live in a diverse world. There are many cultural clusters in the areas in and around Metro Detroit. In fact, the largest single immigrant group in Metro Detroit comes from India. Next week,...

A Not-So-Typical Painting Experience That Left Me Intrigued and Inspired

When I sat down in the field of sunflowers at Debuck's for a painting experience, I was expecting to paint sunflowers and enjoy some much-needed time with my Mom Tribe. What I wasn't expecting...

Pentwater: Detroit Moms’ Favorite Michigan Vacation Spots

A Michigan resident all my life, I grew up going camping around the state. Outdoor camping encourages seclusion and bonding with your family unit in the outdoors. Whether you tent camp, camp in a...

Detroit Irish Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in New Ways

When I gave birth to my third daughter via C-section, the doctors offered me a choice of what I would like to listen to during the surgery. I didn't hesitate to choose St. Patrick's...

Intermittent Fasting: Breaking the Cycle of Overeating

DISCLAIMER: The following post outlines the writer's personal experience with intermittent fasting. It is not intended to act as medical advice. As always, please consult your doctor before considering any new diet plans.  I am...

An Irish Mom’s Guide to Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Metro Detroit

Growing up Irish in Metro Detroit means being a part of a thriving Irish-American community that celebrates cultural heritage year-round. Every March, the tradition of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day comes around, and over the...