I'm a working, mama bear of "Irish Twin" boys, a wife and a lover of Jesus. I hail from the Downriver area spending a lot of time in my community serving at my church, Southpoint Community Christian, and squeezing in a workout after the tiny humans go to bed or working on my never ending list of "books to read". I love exploring my community and finding new adventures to share with my family!

Dear Moms, Please Don’t Go On a Diet This Year

It's the end of January which means by now you've probably been inundated with the latest diet plans, *magic* shakes, wraps, fixes, pills, the fast 10-minute workout to get your body back... blah blah...

Why the Traditional Nursery Isn’t Necessary

In less than three months we will be welcoming our third baby boy to the family. We have been spending some of our free time getting ready for our new arrival. And when I...

A Few Things You Should Know About Adoption

I'm an adoptive mom, but it's rarely something I share when I meet someone simply because it doesn't seem relevant. When I talk about myself and how many children I have I just answer the question,...

The Joys and Hardships of Raising Irish Twins

When I got pregnant with our second child, Cameron, it didn't initially dawn on me what I was in for. And to be honest, it wasn't until after Cameron was born that I realized...

A Letter to My Children’s Daytime Mama

Dear Amazing Selfless Woman, Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much my children love you? Do you know that I could not do what I do without you in our...

Supporting Pregnant Friends after a Loss

One of my close friends just gave birth to her second child; a beautiful baby girl. Another one of my close friends is almost five months pregnant. There are countless people around me who have...

Our Walk From Foster Care To Adoption

We were in the wake of a devastating family tragedy when we met our son. It was late into the evening on Friday, August 23, 2013 when he was placed into my arms for...

Meet Nikki – A Downriver Mom!

Hi! My name is Nikki and you can usually find me frazzled, coffee in hand, and wrangling several bags with two little boys in tow. I hail from the Downriver area and love the...