Tiphani Moorer


The 1967 Detroit Riot: Why My Family Stayed Through it All

Growing up in Detroit, I never really considered its “Black History." Hearing stories about the changes Detroit had been through and how things used to be did not mean much to me as a...

5 Tips to Make Her Transition into Womanhood Easier…Period!

If you’re born without the Y chromosome, then there’s a moment in your life that is inevitable. We’ve all been there and most of us have some sort of horror story to share. For...

Who is “Karen” and why is she a threat to Black lives everywhere? 

For Black women, the knowledge of who “Karen” is and why “she” is a threat to Black lives everywhere is thoroughly understood. However, for White women, the answer may not be so clear. You’ve...

Dear White People, Why Now?

What makes #AhmaudArbery different? Why is he the one that “opened” your eyes? Tell me, why did you #IRunWithMaud? Is it because we’ve been in quarantine for weeks now? Is it because deep down you want...

Introducing Tiphani Moorer…a Detroit Mom

You know that feeling...the feeling you get when you have prepared, researched, and studied for an exam, yet you are still a nervous wreck when the teacher lays the exam down in front of...