Hi there! My name is Violetta and I am a mom of an extremely active toddler boy living in Metro Detroit with my husband of 6 years. Balancing family life, my passion for organizing, being involved in my church and my full-time job, I am rarely feeling like I have it all together. But I do know that I am a master of deep conversations, lover of all things diversity and culture, and a hopeless procrastinator. Let's connect, friend!
husband and wife sitting on couch smiling at one another

7 Things I Have Learned in 7 Years of Marriage

Marriage was always a scary thing for me. All the women in my family have been divorced at least twice, so as far as I understood, "Marriage just wasn't for us," and I was...
spring cleaning

8 Things You Are Forgetting When Spring Cleaning

We all know that longer days and warmer temperatures just get us in the mood to spring clean! We start sweeping porches, cleaning windows, and organizing garages. I love to clean, and I love...

Having Conversations about Race with Your Kids

I am no expert on race, and I will never claim to be an expert in racial issues in America. I am simply a mom who cares about injustice and strives to love my...

Detroit Mom Welcomes Violetta, a Royal Oak Mom

Hey there! My name is Violetta Reum and I have been following Detroit Mom for over a year. It has given me so much encouragement, support, and just helpful, everyday tips for motherhood and...