5 Baby Items You Can Repurpose for Everyday Household Use


Are you a frugal, crafty mama like me? Do you love a good money saving up-cycle? If so, then you are in for a treat! I have five super easy ways to take a few of the “junk” items that babies accumulate and repurpose them for use in your everyday life.

Cotton Ball Holder

Cotton balls are great to have in the bathroom. Unfortunately, they sometimes come in a plastic bag that doesn’t re-close properly. If you are anything like me, then you love maximizing your space with efficient organization. So instead of throwing those infamous Gerber baby puff containers away, re-purpose them as a cotton ball holder.

This is super easy to do in just three steps: first, remove the plastic label, next you’ll want to rinse out all the leftover crumbs from inside the container, and finally, label it. And there you have it!

Grocery Bag Organizer

If you have a child in diapers, then chances are you’ve accumulated at least a few plastic wipes containers. Instead of throwing them away, you can use them to get those ridiculous piles of grocery bags under control. These are great to have in so many places such as under the kitchen sink, in the car, near the changing table, or wherever else you may need them for your convenience. It’s so simple and practical yet so genius!

DIY No-Sew Cleaning Cloths/ Dust Rags

OK, this is by far the easiest DIY ever! So, I love to clean, but constantly using paper towels just seems like a waste! And buying simple cleaning cloths/dust rags is very unnecessary. So what’s my inexpensive solution you ask? Old, stained, plain, cotton baby onesie bodysuits! Yes, as you know, those things get stained and ruined very fast! I remember taking several trips to buy fresh new ones. So, if you have old ones laying around or the next time your baby ruins yet another one, think twice about throwing it out. I use these quite often for all my cleaning needs.

Here are a couple helpful tips to consider:

  • Be sure to button up the bottom before using these to clean to prevent any scratches on your glass or furniture. You could also just cut off the bottom (where the buttons are located) altogether.
  • And here’s another tip: I mark the onesies I use for cleaning with an “X,” so there’s no confusion during laundry time.

On the Go First Aid Kit

With kids comes surprise boo-boos. So, it’s a great idea to stay as prepared as possible.

Do you have a baby wipe case you’re no longer using? If so, don’t get rid of it just yet! You can totally re-purpose it by using it as an on-the-go first aid kit. Add some Band-Aids, alcohol swabs, Neosporin, and whatever you may need. It’s just that easy! Toss this kit in your purse, car, or kids’ bags, and you’ll be ready if a surprise accident happens to arise.

DIY Faucet Extender

Does your toddler love to wash their hands independently but struggles to fully reach the water? My little guy definitely experiences this, and it looks so uncomfortable for his little belly. Well, I have good news: there’s a solution to this common problem. That’s right, a faucet extender! But instead of buying a piece of plastic, you can make one for FREE. All you need is an X-Acto knife (or a pair of scissors) and an empty baby lotion or shampoo bottle.

Here’s how you do it. Cut the top of the bottle off. Next, cut a U-shape out of one side of the bottle (as pictured). Then, to finish this off, cut a hole in the bottom of the bottle to fit over the faucet.

Your toddler (and your wallet) will love you for this one.

And there you have it! Very simple, practical, and easy enough for non-crafters to do. I hope you found these ideas helpful, and that they inspire you to turn more trash into beautiful treasure.

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