A Busy Mom’s Guide to Self-Care

Self-care has been quite a buzzword the last couple of years. And no wonder since according to Charlotte Lieberman’s article “How Self-Care Became So Much Work,” the majority of Americans are feeling more overworked, stressed out, and anxious than ever before. But adding the pressure of a set “self-care” routine is just another thing on the list.

In a world where busy is glorified, it can be a true challenge to find time to feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. Plus, there is a pressure forced upon us to make us the best version of ourselves through meditation, expensive massages, facials, and pedicures. When you are short on cash and time though, this makes self-care more of a burden than anything else.

Since it has been a challenge for me, I have found easy and cost-effective ways to incorporate “self-care” into my weekly to-do list. (I can’t relax that much…everything has to go on the to-do list!).

Physical Fitness

I will be honest: I don’t consider working out self-care. It is engrained in me, and something I do naturally. I feel pride when I up my weights, and I have fun doing dance fitness classes. For those of us short on time, there are great programs for you. Shaun T’s new Beachbody program, Transform: 20, is only 20 minutes! Perfect for a quick workout in the morning before getting ready for work. 

When I am not at the gym, I love the Beachbody On Demand app, and YouTube Channels like Dance Fitness with Jessica and Turn Up with Tanci. (Tanci is local in metro Detroit, and her classes are the best!). Your favorite program may only be a Google or Appstore search away…

My current lifesaver, especially when I can’t get to the gym: the Beachbody On Demand app.


My sister got me hooked on all these fancy face masks. And bonus! You can buy them anywhere! Stores like Ulta, Sephora, and Lush have great selections. But, so do mass retailers like Kohls, Target, and Walgreens. They range in price, but you can grab them starting at around $3! Some have “exotic” ingredients like snail essence and bee venom. Use the Cartwheel app and your RedCard at Target for fun animal-themed ones! The best part? You can put the mask on and either relax or fold that never-ending pile of laundry. 

Unicorn face mask. This was less than $3 at Target. The best part? The mask has a picture of a unicorn on it!


I don’t know about you, but I feel put together when I have my nails done. Yet, I am awful at doing my own nails; without fail, I always mess them up. I recently discovered Color Street nail strips. They are awesome and a cost-efficient way to have your nails looking great. I do at-home manicures in under 20 minutes. A great nail file and cuticle gel is all you need to get started with Color Street. These are real nail polish strips that you simply press onto your nail. They really do stay on for up to two weeks. You can get four styles for about $45 including shipping. 

My lovely friend Erica who sells this amazing product shared her images with me. Doesn’t this look like a salon manicure?


This is probably my favorite of the list. Just over a year ago, I did something awful to my back. I don’t know what or how, but it hurt. I blame the gym. Everyone kept telling me to get a massage. And, as lovely as that sounded, just wasn’t an option for me. What was an option was doubling a 30% off coupon and Kohl’s cash. Kohl’s and many other stores carry tons of affordable options for massage therapy. I found a great portable Homedics massaging seat, thanks to checking deals and coupons. Whether I’m writing, doing lessons plans, or feeling really fancy when I’m doing my Color Street manicure, I use it all the time!

These are my very basic self-care options. I, like you, am constantly being pulled in so many directions. I try and find moments of peace and relaxation when I can.

What are your favorite ways to find moments of self-care? 


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