Celebrate National Strawberry Shortcake Day with this Recipe

Nothing says summertime better than fruit-filled desserts. Did you know there’s a national day of celebration specifically the American favorite strawberry shortcake?! Be sure to head to your local farmers market, orchard or grocery store and stock up on strawberries so that you and your family can participate this year on June 14th!

If you’re in the mood to whip up a tried and true recipe, scroll down and get ready to start salivating!

National Strawberry Shortcake Day

The Moon Family Favorite Recipe for National Strawberry Shortcake Day

This recipe is inspired by the Food Network



1 1/2# strawberries, stemmed & quartered
5T sugar


2C all-purpose flour
2t baking powder
1/4t baking soda
2T sugar
3/4t salt
1 1/2C heavy cream

Whipped Cream 

1 1/2C heavy cream, chilled
3T sugar
1 1/2t vanilla extract
1t fresh lemon zest
**NOTE: Because, just like you, I’m a mom, sometimes, ok often, I don’t make the whipped cream from scratch. A few family favorite substitutes are Cool Whip, Reddi Whip or vanilla ice cream.** 


  1. Mix the strawberries and 5T sugar, and refrigerate until juices develop (at least 30 minutes)
  2. Preheat oven to 400*F
  3. Sift together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt in a medium bowl. Add heavy cream and mix until combined. Place mixture in an un-greased 8″ square pan and bake until golden (approx. 18-20 minutes)
  4. OPTIONAL: While shortcake is baking, beat together heavy cream, sugar, vanilla extract and lemon zest until soft peaks form (approx. 1-2 minutes)
  5. Allow shortcake to cool and then cut into six pieces; cut each in half horizontally
  6. Spoon strawberries and their juices onto the bottom of the shortcake and top with a dollop of whipped cream and then the shortcake top. Add another dollop of whipped cream and strawberries to garnish

Happy National Strawberry Shortcake Day 2018!

Do you have a go-to strawberry shortcake recipe that your family loves? Share in the comments below! 


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