Confession: I HATE Summer

Yep. I said it. Sorry to all the moms out there that have been counting down the days when they can be outside with their kids and enjoy the sun. But this mom . . . this mom has a different story to tell.

I was 100% made for snowy, cold days; the days where you can bundle up and drink something warm. It probably has a lot to do with the fact that on any given day I seem to run about 20 degrees hotter than the average person. My husband has referred to me as the extra furnace in the house (don’t even get me started on how hot I was when I was pregnant). It’s probably a good thing that I live in Michigan, come to think of it, I was probably built to live in Alaska. This fair skin and blonde hair does not appreciate being left in the sun for much over 20 minutes.

Apply more sunscreen you say. Well, that’s fun! “Okay kids,” (who also bare my fair skin and light hair) “let’s dry off, scrape off the layers of sand (in places I don’t even want to think about – ew) and lather up for the one thousandth time today.” Let the tantrums and dripping sunscreen ensue.

So just stay in the shade! Have you tried getting your 1 ½ year old and 3 ½ year old to stand still like ever? Good luck! Let me know how you do it!!

Both options end in chasing them down and I end up sweating by the end of the whole process. Which leads me back to my first complaint of why I absolutely HATE summer (20 degrees hotter than the average person, remember)? 

So as we sit outside, dipped in sunscreen, half soaking wet (my daughter cannot get her hair wet, that would be disastrous), I am busy swatting away bees, sweating like I just ran a half marathon in the desert, my daughter looks up at me and sweetly says, “Momma, I have to go potty.”

Awesome. Can I keep my blinds closed all summer and trick the kids into thinking it’s raining every day? Probably not. So, what will we do instead?

You will find us using our deals and memberships at Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, Detroit Kid City, Henry Ford Museum, LEGOLAND, Sea Life Aquarium, our local library, etc. Why?

  • It’s air conditioned
  • It’s bug-free
  • It’s relatively less crowded in the summer
  • It’s still fun for the kids to run free

If you too, HATE summer, check out Detroit Moms Blog’s Indoor Play Guide. What do you do to beat the summer heat?


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