Summer Fun :: {DIY Salt-Water-Color!}

Are you looking for simple + easy to clean-up projects to do with little ones this summer?!  If you are anything like me you look for project ideas that are simple + cheap.  I prefer using things I already have on hand or that can be recycled from everyday things.  Like using this egg carton to hold + make salt-water-color.  I will definitely be using this idea again + again.  It will be perfect on one of the few relaxing days when the kids are happily playing outside yet looking for a project to do.  You can probably relate to a time when you didn’t want to make a fuss about ANYTHING but they wanted EVERYTHING!  We can do this project on the back patio and it is easy enough to not worry about a major clean-up after +plus+ they have a piece of art work to be proud at the end of the day.  In my book that is a win-win!


Salt Water-color

This was fun, and simple, and it didn’t cost me anything!  All of the supplies were on hand.

All you need is paper, brushes, water, water container {I used a recycled plastic egg carton}, salt + food coloring.

I mixed about 2 tbs. of salt with 2 cups of warm water {to dissolve it a little}, poured the water into the little egg cups, added a few drops of food coloring + mixed the colors.  The boys were studying Australia’s Great Barrier Reef so we tried to paint sea creatures + coral.  They did GREAT!  It was fun, safe, easy + easy to clean up!

Check out their work!



The watercolor dries and the salt crystallizes!  Creating a little sparkly masterpiece!  Your toddler + baby could enjoy this sensory project!


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