Detroit Mom Welcomes Annie, a Troy Mom

Hi Detroit Moms, I’m Annie!

Wow, I am so excited to be a part of Detroit Moms as a new writing contributor! I am a wife, mom, and high school teacher with a passion for fashion and home decor. Helping women feel their best in their own skin and in their own homes truly fuels my soul. 

I am currently in my fourteenth year of teaching. Early in my career, being a teacher was quite literally my identity. I was forced to find a professional and mental balance when I became a mom. With the wonderful additive role of motherhood, I unearthed some major anxiety. I still cope daily with situations and thoughts that manifest in anxious feelings, but I am proud of the significant progress I have made with the support of therapy.

Detroit, new contributorOne of my most favorite ways to relieve some anxiety is to devote time to home decor. I am often filling my free time with creating new spaces in my house (or anyone else’s). There is so much joy in making homes represent each unique family. My goal here is to inspire others with simple ways to incorporate family history, values, and vibes.

Gally, Party of Four

Photo by Sunbeam Photography

I am a proud momma to two human gems. My husband and I have a five-year-old son and (almost) two-year-old daughter. Our son is obsessed with dinosaurs. He can describe each type down to the amount of claws they have–it is truly impressive, and we cannot take any credit because he learns this all on his own. Our sweet boy has been passionate from the start. He will let you know how much you are loved in comparison to dinos (lately it’s been, “I love you as big as 46 hundred ankylosauruses.”).

Our daughter is observant and intelligent. She makes people work to be in her inner circle, which I admire. She has a sense of humor that is beyond her years. Her silly, sassy antics keep us all laughing and in awe of her perspective at such a young age. 

Being a mom to two wildly different children is a trip! Never did I think I would be able to spell parasaurolophus with ease or have the patience to read the same book ten times in one sitting. But, motherhood brings awesomely unique skills to our lives that we didn’t know were within capability. 

Therapy + Friendship = Self-Care Success

If you had asked me four years ago about what I did to take care of myself . . . the answer would have been, “Not. A. Thing.” But with a lot of work and time devoted to figuring out my own personal strengths and needs as a mom, I have come to prioritize self-care without personal guilt (most of the time). I am a huge advocate for therapy and have been with my current therapist for over two years. I believe that my work with her has built a stronger baseline mentally and emotionally as I deal with the stressors that come with motherhood, being a wife, teaching, and well . . . life. 

Through therapy, I have learned what fuels my emotional battery. I get a great deal of fulfillment from my community of friends. I am surrounded by some serious Queens who rock parenting, working, partnering, etc. We all make time to prioritize getting away from running the show and fostering our social needs. It is amazing what one evening with friends can do for my soul. 

Mitten Love

I was born in Canton (home of IKEA!) and graduated from the giant triad of schools called “The Park.” I then went on to Michigan State University to study Special Education. Once I earned my teaching certificate, there were literally no jobs in Michigan. I shocked everyone in my circle and accepted a job in Colorado where I spent most of my twenties in the beautiful city of Denver. Although I do miss the 300 days of sunshine each year, my heart has always been in the Mitten State. My husband and I moved back to the Detroit area in 2016 to grow our own family near family.

I grew up visiting Detroit quite often but not for the typical ventures of sporting events that bring most to the city. My mom and dad met while studying theater in college. One of my mom’s first jobs was as the Stage Manager for the Music Hall in downtown Detroit. My parents always made it a priority to expose my brothers and I to a variety of the arts that our city had to offer. Now I get to introduce my littles to the same activities that made such a stamp on my youth. 

I can’t write about Detroit without nodding to my favorite tastes around the city. You are doing yourself a disservice if you have yet to visit Royale with Cheese in Midtown. Any place that encourages dipping your food into a delightful cheese fondue is a win for my crew. If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend the Fried Mac & Cheese Bites and the All up in your Grill sandwich.

Another family favorite of ours is Detroit Mini Donut. You may have seen their food trucks at events around the city and at the Detroit Zoo. You can also find this sweet perfection year-round at the storefront off Grand River. My kids love the cinnamon sugar donuts with a side of glaze dip. Detroit Mini Donut

What can you expect from me as a contributor?

Get ready to decorate!! Or at least, watch me decorate with intention and hopefully inspire you to do the same. My mind is constantly swirling about how I can adapt and add to our home to match our family. Through personal experience, I know that in times of deep anxiety one can often lose sight of the positives in life. Whether you have anxiety or not, being a mom is undeniably draining at times. I found that placing art related to familial roots and moments (big and small) around your home provides the necessary reminders of the unique beauty of each family. In addition, creation is a wonderful release of the mind.

I welcome you all to escape into projects with me, and I can’t wait to see what we create! 


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