Detroit Mom Welcomes Kelly, a Richmond Mom

Hi friends! My name is Kelly Gianotti, and I’m so happy to be here! I am a 33-year-old Kindergarten teacher. I teach for a large public school district in Macomb County. In fact, I attended the same district growing up! Teaching littles is definitely my passion, but I just really enjoy helping people in general.

Kelly holding Hailey next to Dave holding OwenA Little About Me

I love Michigan summers and hate Michigan winters. My friends and family mean everything to me; spending time with them chatting, playing games, or drinking and eating is my favorite thing to do.

With two toddlers at home and twenty-seven kindergarteners at school, I’ve struggled to consciously put myself first. Someone always needs me or something always needs to get done. On top of that, I strive to be a good friend, wife, sister, and daughter, so I spend my little bit of free time reaching out to others.

However, I do make it to a work out class at least three times a week. I also indulge in sweet treats probably a bit too often, but hey, self-care is self-care, right?

About My Family

I’ve been blessed with two healthy, loving albeit sassy kids. Hailey turned four at the beginning of November and Owen turned three at the end of November. We actually planned to have them that close in age, and while it’s hard, I wouldn’t change it. I am very close in age to my siblings, so I wanted my children to have that relationship, too. As they’re getting older, it’s definitely getting easier. I am a working mom, an experienced two-under-two mom, and a “we’re done having kids” mom!

Where I Grew Up + What We Love To Do!

I grew up in Clinton Township and Shelby Township. When I met my hubby, I moved to Richmond with him. I’ve never lived outside of Macomb County, but we do like to adventure to the surrounding areas. We really enjoy going to downtown St. Clair to have drinks at War Water Brewery.

As a family, we love going to local events for holidays and special occasions. Some of our favorites are the Zoo Lights at the Detroit Zoo, Halloween camping at Port Huron KOA, and visiting the Easter bunny at our local Richmond Recreation Department.

I am super excited to share microblogs with our community! I’m looking forward to sharing tips for little learners, my experience through grief in losing my mother, and the struggles and triumphs of working and momming. I really hope to just share my thoughts and experiences on motherhood, relationships, and working in the hopes that they will resonate with others so we all know we’re not alone.


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