Detroit Mom Welcomes Kristy, A Grosse Ile Mom

My name is Kristine and I live in Grosse Ile with my son (8) and husband of 10 years. I also have a very annoying lab that eats everything. For 16 years I led a talent acquisition team dedicated to recruiting high level STEM individuals. I am now on disability as I was diagnosed with an incurable lung and heart disease called pulmonary arterial hypertension and CTEPH.

My Surgeries

I was given a year to live before I was offered a life saving rare surgery called a thromboendarterectomy (open heart surgery). In addition to that surgery, I also had explant surgery, vocal cord surgery, and eight balloon pulmonary angioplasty surgeries to help prolong my life. Today I’m thriving and act as an advocate to raise funds for research for my rare disease.

My Passions

My true passion is fitness and wellness. When I’m not personal training clients, you can find me at my gym trying to lift heavy weights. I love helping clients pursue fitness and find passion for it the way I do. Even with my disease, I make it a priority in my life to strive for excellence. On days that are hard, I still make health/fitness a priority.

In addition to fitness, I’m a follower of Jesus and believe Jesus is our one true healer and is who I owe my life to. ’80’s movies and anything with Chevy Chase or produced by John Hughes are a love of mine as well! 

My Family

I was made a Mom eight years ago and was blessed to have the most beautiful, football loving, wild boy around, Mac. He’s my whole world and most days you’ll find me playing “all-time quarterback” as he is an only child. You can also find me at the football field or basketball court cheering my Mac on! I wish we had more kids but by the time I was ready, I was too sick to conceive again. I’ve been married for 10 years to the most amazing man that always keeps our relationship spicy. 

Being a SAHM

Early in my motherhood I couldn’t imagine not working, but now that I’m a SAHM, I LOVE it and all the time I get with my son. Although I’m a SAHM now, I am not a “Pinterest” or “crafty mom.” I still buy every cupcake sent to school and will always pay for him to get hot lunch! I appreciate every kind of mom: the hot-mess mom, the helicopter mom, the crafty mom, and every mom in between. We’re all just trying our best as mothers and we need to be more supportive of one another. 

Living On Grosse Ile

I love the island life here on Grosse Ile. You can always find people running, biking, and walking the trails, as well as deer eating our plants. My favorite place on the island to eat is called UME and it has amazing habachi and sushi. However, if I’m indulging in my favorite cocktail–a (really dirty) dirty martini–then it’s probably Smokies On the Water to watch the boats cruise on by and listen to live music.

Downriver Spots

I do love other “downriver” spots as well in Wyandotte. The best ones are Iron Gate for delicious tapas and hand crafted drinks, as well as Captains for a great burger. 


I’m thrilled to continue to bring awareness about my disease to Detroit Mom. I would also like to help other moms suffering from illnesses including mental health struggles, PTSD, and anxiety struggling to find a voice. Additionally, I have a lot of funny anecdotes about having an only child and how to deal with some of criticism that I’m excited to share.


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