Detroit Mom Welcomes Renee, a Birmingham Mom

I rarely start off talking about myself. Where to begin? I am and always have been a driven human with a passion for learning new things. I believe in making each day count and finding joy in the small moments as well as the big ones. As a mom, I want to show my daughters how to dream big, not take life too seriously, and remind them it’s okay to change your mind and your path at any age. Simply enjoy the journey, not just the end result.

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About Me

I grew up in a small town in northwest Indiana and didn’t necessarily spend my childhood dreaming of becoming a writer. I dreamt of working in the fashion industry and did just that, quickly climbing the corporate ladder working for some of the country’s largest retailers and experiencing life across five different states from Arkansas to California, New York, Minnesota, and most recently, Michigan. For almost 20 years, I led merchandising and brand teams before trading in my fashion career to follow my new dream of becoming an entrepreneur and author.

I began my new journey in 2021 after my resignation from corporate retail. Years of climbing the corporate ladder left me burnt out and uninspired. However, the choice to resign was a challenging one. At almost 40, my path was no longer clear, and I was terrified. I am a mom of three daughters, was the breadwinner of my family, and had no idea what would happen next. It was a pivotal moment in my life.

Fast forward to today: I look back and feel confident in my choice to change paths, take a chance on myself, and start something new that was mine. I was a creative who felt demotivated, deflated, and uninspired, leaving me feeling stuck. I was ready for the next chapter of my life to begin.

My Writing Journey

Writing has always been a creative outlet for me. I love how words have the ability to take you on a journey. Words can inspire, touch your soul, and bring joy.

My inspiration for writing comes from my personal experiences as a mother. These experiences are woven into each of my stories. I want to leave my mark on the world with my words and spread the love of reading with every story I write.

Putting Myself First

One of my favorite things about my journey has been the connections and friendships I’ve made across this country. All have been instrumental in shaping the person I am today. That’s how I prioritize myself.

I’m an extrovert, and my love language is words of affirmation, so relationships, authentic connections, and surrounding myself with people I love and trust are how I embrace self-care. It doesn’t need to be extreme, either. I find that small moments can have the most significant impact. It doesn’t take long to send a quick text, grab a coffee, facetime, share a picture or funny meme, or DM on social. All of this brightens my day and brings out the best version of myself.

About My Family

I am a wife, and my husband, Matt, and I have been married for almost eight years. I am a mother to three strong and talented daughters, Elle (5), Emma (9), and Nina (12). Each one brings their own unique and vibrant personality to the world.

Elle is our intuitive soul taking in everything the world offers slowly and empathetically. She is a feeler and always leads with her heart. Emma is our witty comedian who loves adventures. You rarely find her with her feet on the ground. She’s constantly jumping, flipping, and exploring. And when that isn’t happening, she is cracking jokes that will bring you a belly laugh. Nina is my bonus daughter who came into my life when she was two. She has always been our imaginative one with her extravagant storytelling. She loves to sit back and talk about life. We have a beautiful bond, with both of us being a stepdaughter.

My family and I have moved around a bit but are eager to plant roots here in Michigan. We recently bought a house in Birmingham, and our kids will attend Pembroke Elementary School in the fall. We haven’t quite been here a year, but we have made many beautiful connections and friendships already.

Two of my daughters are gymnasts and have joined Troy Gymnastics. In my spare time (if I find that), I coach my daughter and the level 3, 4, and 5 gymnasts at Troy Gym. We love the community there. I grew up a competitive gymnast, so it warms my heart to be able to embark on this adventure with my girls.

As a family, we love exploring new places and trying new restaurants. We live close to downtown Birmingham, so we frequent the restaurants there often. One of our go-to spots is Brooklyn Pizza. I am picky when it comes to pizza, coming from NY, but that place does it right. I am obsessed with the buffalo chicken pizza.

Being Part of Detroit Mom

I am thrilled to be part of Detroit Mom. To have the opportunity to be part of a community that supports other women, moms, and small businesses is fulfilling on many levels. I look forward to sharing my stories, successes, and challenges in the hopes of inspiring others along their journey.

Like many, I am a mom first, so I can’t wait to share stories about parenting, finding a balance between being an entrepreneur and a mom, family traditions, and health and wellness. And being new to my writing journey, I look forward to sharing what I’ve learned as a writer and building a personal brand.

To connect with me you can visit my website or follow me on IG, FB, or TikTok. 


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