Detroit Mom Welcomes Vaibhavi, a Northville Mom

Hi there, my name is Vaibhavi Ugavekar or Vu (@vaibhavi_ugavekar) and I am a new Social Media Contributor for Detroit Mom!

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, I moved to Michigan a few years ago after my marriage to my college sweetheart. We have a two-and-a-half year old son who we absolutely adore!

Photo by Florina Chira Photography.

Interesting Facts

I have been given many nicknames because of my slightly long name and each name has a story. “Vu” (spelt Voo) was the one given by my office colleagues in India, and it has stuck with me since then. The number of times I have been called Beverly is crazy!

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter, Friends, and Game of Thrones. I am a little bit of a nerd and will go to deep lengths to learn all about these characters and history. Breakfast food is life! Just the thought of it makes me so happy! Celebrities who I would love to meet are @MadhuriDixit and @HrithikRoshan. Both are a big part of my childhood and meeting them is my lifelong wish! Any Bollywood fans in the house?

Career & Interests

Being a Risk Consultant throughout my career, my thinking always used to be “what could go wrong” in any situation. This had made me into a pessimistic person. However, postpartum, I have realized the power of positivity. I have been training myself to look for the brighter side of things and work on positive affirmations. Feel-good energy is what I crave.

I love planning parties and I am a freelance wedding and event planner. Being part of someone’s special day and making it more special brings me so much joy! I am also an avid photographer and love to click landscapes, architecture, and sunsets. I have a dedicated page (@vuonthemove) for that and I share travel tips and favorite places to visit regularly.

My Family & Values

I met my husband in college. We have been together for over fourteen years, out of which five years were long-distance. It was a tough time, but the US-India time difference worked for us. I am a boy mom and I have been obsessed with dressing up my kid. Twinning with him is my jam and I am always on the lookout for local kids’ brands. #supportsmallbusiness

Photo by Florina Chira Photography.

All of my immediate family is in India and it’s been a ride living away from them for so long. But, the gorgeous Michigan landscapes and weather have kept things interesting for me. We love all the local community events. Most days, you will find us at a local farm, park, or farmer’s market.  

I am very proud of my Indian culture and I try to inculcate the values to my son by having lots of activities around the numerous Indian festivals. From cooking Indian delicacies to dressing up in rich Indian attire, proud #Desimom here.    


Thanks for reading this far and hope we can connect! Come and say “Hi” in the comments.


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