Our Family on Facebook vs. Real Life

I’ve seen countless memes and other social media posts ragging on parents who post “only the good stuff” on their social media sites and you know what?  Yeah.  A majority of the stuff I post is just the good times, the high points, the peaks of our day.  Who wants to read about the bad things that happen –  The pits – the negative – the depressing stuff? 

I’ve never posted this one. This happens at least once a day around here.

I have never claimed on social media (or to anyone in real life, for that matter) that everything I post is all that ever happens. I don’t pretend that my life is perfect and that all my hopes and dreams have come true in the family I’ve created.  On most days the dishes are stacked up in the sink.  The laundry is piled up and there are smudged dirty fingerprints…on literally everything I own.  Wearing high heels is rare (and I miss it more than anything.) I *think* I remember how to apply makeup.  Showers for mommy are few and far between. It’s not all glitter and rainbows and happy sunshine, but I don’t pretend my life is perfect.  If it was, I think I’d get bored pretty freakin’ quick.

Our actual playroom. This is life. This is every day.


Scrolling through my feed I see pictures of my children dressing up in super cute costumes and baking cookies with their daddy.  I see videos of my son and I trying to get support for our latest service projects.  I read quotes from my kids that make friends and family laugh so hard they nearly pee themselves.  It all looks like an amazing life – and honestly it really is!  However, I’m not in denial about the fact that sometimes my kids can be WAY too much for me to handle.  The other day – I’m pretty sure my daughter called me an @sshole from her crib when I told her to lay down and take a nap.  While preparing for bed on more than one occasion my husband has taken a hit to the junk from my son because he’s not tired and refuses to lay down.  Reagan screams bloody murder every now and then when I pour her a glass of milk instead of juice because she claims “I HATE MILK!  BAD MOMMY!” I’ve sat in the middle of the room sobbing hysterically because Reagan was playing in her poopy diaper and I’ve spent some serious time apologizing to Colin because I yelled at him a little too loud and scared the daylights out of him.  That’s life.  That’s what’s real.  That’s parenthood.

 The point is – the bad stuff happens.  I choose to post the good stuff not because I want everyone to believe that’s all the ever happens around here, but because in this crazy, ridiculously fast-paced, sometimes depressing, magical life – I want to remain positive.  I want to share with others who might be feeling down that there are parts worth pushing through for!

Don’t lead people to believe that you’re a robot and you obey all your husband’s commands.  Don’t portray your life as clean and pristine and free of worry and strife.  A.) People will think you’re full of it. Everyone -including yourself – knows better and B.) 

Live a real life.  Live a true life.  Let it be what it is.

At the end of the day – through all the chaos – through all the things that are not perfect – there are moments like this that are genuine and pure.


  1. This is a great reminder to all of us. Many times we think things are picture perfect when in fact everyone’s lives are messy at times.

  2. So very true…my son and daughter are amazing…but now their teenagers…lord help me

    Sometimes just a bath is the last resort to keep my sanity….lol…when did i become so old?


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