How Did I Forget About My {Fur} Baby?!

First comes love. Then comes marriage. Then comes your fur baby in a puppy crate? 




Maybe not everyone starts their family with a fur baby, but that’s how my story began. I was just out of college, had my first apartment to myself, and decided it was the perfect time to get a puppy. I had lots of time to train a dog and a big enough place for one to run around freely. She was my baby and when I got married, my husband and I treated her like she was just that!


I always said I’d never let anything or anyone come between my puppy and me. When I had kids, she’d still be my priority. I wouldn’t forget to take her for walks everyday and we’d snuggle on the couch watching TV every night before bed.


Fast-forward four years… I had a child and everything changed.


It didn’t take long for Macy to recognize that someone else was the leader of the clubhouse now. She found herself having to bark to let us know she was out of food, scratching at the door to tell us she needed to go outside, and she established a new spot behind the couch rather than on my lap each evening after dinner.  Our daily walks were now more infrequent and I found myself with less energy to play fetch with her in the living room. I did exactly what I said I would never do: I had forgotten about my fur baby.



A recent trip to the vet put it back into perspective. As we were checking out from her annual check-up, the receptionist told me the charge for this visit would be $167. As my eyes grew big and “WTF!?” was running through my mind, I remembered that she only goes once a year for a check-up. The only other costs I have are for her food, grooming and her license. I couldn’t believe I was complaining about the cost for the health of my baby! I wouldn’t do that for my son.


From that day forward I made it a point to make Macy more of a priority for my family and me. Just as we do with my son, we have playtime with her every night, make sure she goes on a walk more frequently and spoil her with a few more treats.


After all, it’s not your husband and kids that jump up and down with excitement every time you walk in the door!





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