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Laundry week 2

Scent boosters and dryer sheets

 As we continue our venture into penny pinching and becoming more frugal I thought we should continue with my personal favorite {note sarcasm} Laundry. Now that we are spending only pennies a load let’s make sure that its smelling its best!

I have a few different methods of scrimping when it comes to dryer sheets or laundry boosters.

 First Method: Stretch that store bought laundry booster

Now some of us can’t step away from our chemical laden favorite store bought scents! Now I can’t save you from those chemicals {its ok I’m guilty of this too!} Some of these are little wax like pellets while others are “crystals”. After browsing my favorite app {ok I may be a slight addict} Pinterest, I noticed a lot of peeps in the blog world found the crystals are actually Epsom salt! Well my favorite are the wax style but I thought why can’t I just add Epsom salt to my wax boosters?! Off to the laundry room I went and grabbed the trusty bottle of boosters and noticed it’s about 1/3 full, perfect! I added Epsom salt to almost fill it, shut that bad boy and shook it like a polaroid picture…ok maybe not but it sounded good!

Next day when I went to so laundry it was perfect…ALL of the Epsom salt smelled great and I didn’t lose any of its strength! So one bottle of booster was $7.99 and I went big and bought the huge bucket of Epsom salt at Sams club, 10lbs for only $6.98!!

Second Method: Using favorite store bought fabric softener

I personally have never been a fabric softener person {who has time to remember to stop the load to put it in or to toss that ball in}. But on my many hours pursuing, yep you guessed it, Pinterest I found many ways to “make your own” dryer sheets. And it’s so easy! One method is to cut a standard sponge into 4 pieces and then soak in fabric softener, now you can store in airtight container soaking or not. When it’s time just toss one in and dry away! Another method is the same but using rags or “Handiwipes” cut to size and soaked.

Third Method: Make your own laundry boosters

For those of us who want to decrease our family’s exposure to chemicals this is a great way to have fun smelling laundry! Personally I like using Epsom salts here but I’ve also seen mixing essential oils with white distilled vinegar. With the vinegar take about 2 cups and mix 10-12 drops of your fave oils. Then go with the sponge or rag method. For the Epsom salt method take 2 cups of Epsom salts and 20-24 drops of your favorite oils. My personal favorite blend is lavender and lemon or Purification & lemongrass from Young Living.


Well those are my penny pinching ideas to boost that fresh laundry smell! I am sure I missed a few and would love to hear your methods! Hope this saves you some $$s and we see you next week for another

Frugal Fridays with Brandi!
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