Join Me To Help Light The Night For Kids With Cancer


This fall, let’s walk to the end of cancer by joining The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk fundraising campaign, which brings together families and communities to honor blood cancer survivors, as well as those lost to the diseases, and to shine a light on finding cures and providing access to treatments for blood cancer patients.

One group that deserves our attention is children with cancer. Leukemia is the most common cancer in children and adolescents less than 20 years old. While extraordinary progress has been made in blood cancer treatments, the journey back to a healthy life can be a long one. For these kids, returning to school means additional challenges, including maintaining friendships and keeping up with schoolwork.

Here’s how we can do it:

This year, Sylvan Learning is partnering with The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Light The Night, with a commitment to raise $250,000 and to donate more than 12,000 hours of free tutoring services in nearly 200 communities nationwide to help young blood cancer patients and their families with the transition back into academics. You can help them to achieve these goals:

There are nearly 200 Light the Night walks nationwide this fall. It’s easy to walk by registering and joining a team.

Learn more about how LLS and Sylvan are helping young cancer patients and their families manage. Light The Night

                Find a walk in your area, and join a Sylvan Learning walk team in supporting this great cause.

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I’m going to join Light the Night with my family. Won’t you join us? Let’s all walk to the end of cancer and, at the same time, you can help kids get back into the swing of school, often while they are still undergoing treatment.

Before my mom was diagnosed with colorectal cancer we volunteered for our first cancer walk in 1998  in honor of a family friend’s daughter who was diagnosed as a child with  Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.   She is a shining star today, she glows with her strength and courage and her amazing smile. She had to overcome so many obstacles as a young child who was sick with a terrible disease.  Seeing a child who has to fight something that is completely out of their control allows you to gain a bold perspective on life and the word strength.  Watching a child suffer is heart wrenching no matter whose child it is.  Tanya shines with her strength and determination to enjoy life and help others in need of support. 

Please check out this Light The Night campaign to end cancer, and read a message from Tanya and my story about where cancer lead me after my mom was diagnosed. 

“No matter how intense your struggle may be, someone is being inspired by your fight. Your story and courage is equipping them to see life though a completely different lens.” -Anonymous. ✨❤️ To all of you fighters out there, keep fighting.  ~Tanya




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