How Strong Women Can Build a Strong Community

strong womenIt seems like the “Mommy Wars” are never ending. Fueled by the media, dividing rather than uniting is the general theme for moms everywhere. Breast v. bottle, natural v. medicated, home school v. public v. private school. The list is never ending! Instead of focusing on what we have in common, we spend a lot of time worrying about what makes us different.

The reality is that moms are moms. It’s a hard job no matter what! The reality is that the more we support each other in our decisions, the better off we’ll all be—together. I see this all the time in the “working mom” and “stay-at-home mom” battle all the time. In life, it’s not so black and white! Some moms work who would rather stay home, and vice versa. There are moms who want to work, but are home because they are having trouble finding a job. There are work from home moms, part-time working moms, single moms, moms who are home to take care of a special needs child or maybe even a parent. 

All of us have different situations, different families, and different strengths. What’s right for one woman may not be right for another—so we shouldn’t hold her to the same standard. Supporting other women means supporting them in whatever they choose to do, and realizing that some don’t have the same choices. 

Comparison really is our worst enemy in building a strong community. Realizing our own strengths and recognizing the strengths of others will get us so much further than petty fights over who is right. We all win when we realize we’re all in this together!

My challenge for you readers is to find a great community of moms where you support and feel supported by those around you. It could be a book club, play group, fitness class, knitting circle, anything! We hope that we help foster that support here at the Detroit Moms Blog as well. There is so much to gain in a strong community of women. 


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