International Coffee Day: It’s a Thing!

Coffee lovers unite; we have a day! Let’s be honest, international days of everything are a little (OK, VERY) annoying and played out; however, when they happen to include something you love, you embrace it like a new pair of shoes! Coffee, for me, can be compared to a little piece of heaven. I’m a single mom of three under four, so this caffeine bomb ignites me to deal with my little ones first thing in the early morning. We have a general unspoken rule that mommy gets time to drink her cup of joe before any crazy antics take place. This may not be a rule I successfully execute, but hey, I try my best.

I would not consider myself a connoisseur of the coffee variety, but I do like a very strong coffee, the kind that puts a real pep in my step. Typically if I’m out running errands, I like to stop and grab a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or Biggby and all I get is black, nothing added, because I love the taste of black coffee. I am pretty sure I am in the minority here. I have wanted to branch out to the fancy types because I love the look of a heart swirled on top of the tiny adorable cups. However, the effort in making a decision overwhelms this mommy, so I stay basic. The one thing I don’t stay basic with is my coffee cup; I am a  sucker for a fantastic cup. 

Yes, this is me (messy hair and all!)

To honor this day of coffee, I have compiled a list of coffee shops in metro Detroit that you may want to check out today:

1. Astro Coffee  – Detroit

2. Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company  – Bloomfield Hills & Detroit

3. Urban Bean Co.  – Detroit

4. Biggby Coffee – Multiple Locations  

5. Red Dot Coffee Co. – Northville

6. The Proving Grounds Coffee & Ice Cream – Milford

7. Atomic Coffee – Royal Oak 

8. The Office Coffee Shop  – Royal Oak

9. Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters  – Rochester

10. The Hot Spot Coffee Company  – Sterling Heights

11. Common Grace Coffee Co. – Dearborn

12. Germack Coffee Roasting Company – Detroit 

13. New Order Coffee Roasters – Detroit 

14. Ashe Supply Co. Cafe & Roasterie – Detroit 

15. Birmingham Roast – Birmingham 

For those of you who would like to spice up their coffee game, you may want to try one of these ways to brew your coffee:

1. Drip or Filter

2. French Press

3. Percolator

4. Espresso (quick brew under pressure)

5. Cold 

6. Moka


You can combine a variety of yummy things in your coffee like milk, creamer, syrup, tea, or alcohol. On really hot days, I add a bunch of ice to mine to make an iced coffee. I would love to hear where your favorite coffee shops are and how you love your coffee.

Are you a caffeine lover, decaf addict, or maybe you stay away from it all? Let’s hear it!



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